THE NPC vs Big Tech, the State, the Spy, and the Puppetmasters

January 3rd, 2023 An NPC is a gaming term which means non-playable character. It means a character that is run by the machine with no control by the user. This is what the average person has really become. We have been enslaved by a surveillance technology controlled by Big Tech, the 3-Letter agencies, the clandestineContinue reading “THE NPC vs Big Tech, the State, the Spy, and the Puppetmasters”

How to avoid big tech (privacy)?

9 june 2022 (updated 28 jan 2023) Apple, Microsoft, Amazon, Meta and Google are known to be systems that spy on people, keep all the information and even sell it for profit without their users’ knowledge. In addition, many are talking about the implementation of a social credit system that these people will use toContinue reading “How to avoid big tech (privacy)?”