Luciferase Was Bad But It Gets Worse!

The new COVID-19 antibody test is actually named: SATiN Emerald Robinson Nov 9, 2021 I passed a car on the road last week with a bumper sticker that made me chuckle. It read: “Critical thinking — the other national deficit.” I’ve been thinking about that bumper sticker a lot lately — ever since my essayContinue reading “Luciferase Was Bad But It Gets Worse!”

L.E.D Street Lights Are Toxic To All Living Things

25 jan 2022 MARK STEEL PERORMS AN AUTOPSY ON 5G LED TRANSMITTER Small 5G transmitters hidden in LED street lights! What LED street lights really do – Monitor you 24/7! Street Lights Affect MRNA 60S ribosomal protein L17-A Component of the ribosome, a large ribonucleoprotein complex responsible for the synthesis of proteins in the cell.Continue reading “L.E.D Street Lights Are Toxic To All Living Things”