The culture shifted, and now the left embraces war, censorship, big pharma, and authoritarianism

March 18 2023 “If you stop looking in terms of red and blue — look at the actions. Whether it’s war, suppression of free speech, or mandatory pharmacological interventions. That used to all be associated with the authoritarian right, and now those things are being embraced by the left.”

‘Left’ Is Now Political Shorthand For ‘Corporate State Technocracy’

By Ben Bartee – May 26, 2022 The left-right paradigm was always dubious as a way to describe the Western political dichotomy. Given what modern “Leftism” entails, it’s even more irrelevant now. Here’s a basic definition of “Leftist” ideology that, once upon a time, characterized many aspects of leftist politics in the early-to-mid-20th century: “The portion of theContinue reading “‘Left’ Is Now Political Shorthand For ‘Corporate State Technocracy’”