8 jan 2023 Here at Rightsandfreedoms we use Tor browser, Brave and Chromium. For search engine Presearch, SearX, and Metager. STEP 15 OF THE GLOBAL WALKOUT IS TO DELETE INTERNET BROWSERS LIKE CHROME, SAFARI, FIREFOX, EDGE AND DUCKDUCKGO…AND START EXCLUSIVELY USING BRAVE. A little about BRAVE and how to make the switch. The internet isContinue reading “STEP 15 – LET’S PROTECT OUR DATA MORE”

The facial recognition firm mining YOUR data!

nov 17th 2022 The facial recognition firm mining YOUR dataImagine this: a tool that lets anyone track your face through the web, and with just one click, find out where you work, socialise, or live. YouTube marks the official World Government Summit video about a new world order as spreading a conspiracy theory.

Revealed: US Military Bought Mass Monitoring Tool That Includes Internet Browsing, Email Data

The “Augury” platform includes highly sensitive network data that Team Cymru, a private company, is selling to the military. “It’s everything. There’s nothing else to capture except the smell of electricity,” one cybersecurity expert said. By Joseph Cox September 21, 2022, Hacking. Disinformation. Surveillance. CYBER is Motherboard’s podcast and reporting on the dark underbelly of theContinue reading “Revealed: US Military Bought Mass Monitoring Tool That Includes Internet Browsing, Email Data”

YES, They Really Are *Deleting* the Internet And it’s WAY Worse Than You Think

Aug 15, 2022 I tried another experiment on multiple search engine browsers and what I found is unbelievably disturbing. Share this with others.$/download/trim.C8A48AA8-133D-4233-B3CA-7C13C4F13452/35995be4e632c912a1a0e4b2a552ec51ad1b3e05

The Online Safety Bill has terrifying implications

The Bill will not just regulate public social media – it also covers private communications like WhatsApp messages and even search engines VICTORIA HEWSON 27 June 2022 The Government’s Online Safety Bill continues to rumble its way through Parliament, despite criticism from free speech groups, Parliament’s Joint Committee on Human Rights and the Independent ReviewerContinue reading “The Online Safety Bill has terrifying implications”

Lord Frost warns that ‘flawed’ bill to clean up internet must be changed amid fears it could be ‘highly damaging’ to free speech

Lord Frost urged former conservative colleagues to scrap the Online Safety Bill It will outlaw comments on social media that would be legal in the real world Circulating fake news will lead to get material wiped if it is classified as ‘intentionally false or psychologically distressing’, says the bill By MARTIN BECKFORD FOR THE DAILY MAILContinue reading “Lord Frost warns that ‘flawed’ bill to clean up internet must be changed amid fears it could be ‘highly damaging’ to free speech”

Twitter Abused 2FA. How About Other Abusers? I 

June 21st, 2022 In several videos I’ve said that 2FA (Two Factor Authentication) is being abused. At least one Big tech company has paid the piper on this. But the 2FA abuse continues and there may never be any payback to the consumer other than the complete loss of privacy in the future. Video:

How to avoid big tech (privacy)?

9 june 2022 (updated 28 jan 2023) Apple, Microsoft, Amazon, Meta and Google are known to be systems that spy on people, keep all the information and even sell it for profit without their users’ knowledge. In addition, many are talking about the implementation of a social credit system that these people will use toContinue reading “How to avoid big tech (privacy)?”

We Need to Wake Up to the Dangers of the Online Safety Bill

I’ve just recorded an interview with Konstantin Kisin and Francis Foster for Triggernometry about the Online Safety Bill, pointing out the risks it poses to free speech. People are far more sanguine about this Bill than they should be – it’s not as if we haven’t been warned. Nadine Dorries, who as Secretary of State at DCMSContinue reading “We Need to Wake Up to the Dangers of the Online Safety Bill”

This is the end of free speech online

The UK’s Online Safety Bill is an authoritarian nightmare. FRASER MYERSDEPUTY EDITOR 18th March 2022 The internet has changed radically in the past decade or so. Where social-media giants once boasted about being ‘the free speech wing of the free speech party’, in recent years, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and other platforms have become increasingly censorious,Continue reading “This is the end of free speech online”

The Dead Internet Theory

March 18th, 2022 Large proportions of the supposedly human-produced content on the internet are actually generated by artificial intelligence networks in conjunction with paid secret media influencers in order to manufacture consumers for an increasing range of newly-normalised cultural products. video:–All-Time–:0