April 13th, 2022 I’ve just had a wonderful conversation with Dr Kevin Corbett who is a PhD qualified nurse, health scientist and private researcher.Dr Corbett was one of the first to call fraud on COVID-19 back in 2020. His rich experiences in clinical nursing and academic medicine allowed him to see the parallels with HIV/AIDS.Continue reading “WE’RE FALSIFYING THE HYPOTHESIS”

The Yin & Yang of HIV

2nd March 2022 The narrative seems to have changed recently from “COVID-19” to “HIV”. I wonder why?  In 1999, “The Yin & Yang of HIV” was published by Dr Valendar Turner and investigative journalist Andrew McIntyre under the guidance of Eleni Papadopulos-Eleopulos. Eleni is the founder and leader of The Perth Group and her work has influenced virtually all ofContinue reading “The Yin & Yang of HIV”


Audio Interview with Dr. Robert B. Strecker on his Historic Document, “This Is A Bio-Attack”, signed by his brother, Theodore A. Strcker and presented to every member of Congress, Senate and President of United States, dated March 28, 1986. This document contained how AIDS/HIV, Cancers and other Diseases were intended to be intentionally spread throughContinue reading “THE BIO Attack ALERT”