The Threat of Global Tyranny From the WHO’s Pandemic Treaty Draws Ever Closer

BY DR DAVID BELL 3 MARCH 2023 The World Health Organisation (WHO) is currently developing two international legal instruments intended to increase its authority in managing health emergencies, including pandemics: The draft IHR amendments (analysed in detail here) would lay out new powers for WHO during health emergencies and broaden the context within which they can beContinue reading “The Threat of Global Tyranny From the WHO’s Pandemic Treaty Draws Ever Closer”

We are ready

This is a GLOBAL event with a very different tone to it! Anyone can host this event in their local area and anyone can support it, whether you have a platform or not. I’ve already heard there are a lot of different groups supporting this event because the messaging is different and the mission isContinue reading “We are ready”

BlackRock and Vanguard Own the World

by Dr. Joseph Mercola June 15, 2021 STORY AT-A-GLANCE Big Pharma and mainstream media are largely owned by two asset management firms: BlackRock and Vanguard Drug companies are driving COVID-19 responses — all of which, so far, have endangered rather than optimized public health — and mainstream media have been willing accomplices in spreading theirContinue reading “BlackRock and Vanguard Own the World”

Former Pfizer VP Dr. Yeadon: Governments Lied About Virus, Vaccines to Force Global Digital ID

June 2nd, 2021 Video 8 min 43.