29th april 2023 Hello Reignite Family This email is only for the UNITED STATES only. We now have USA reps working hard to put together local groups and collaborations within each state. It’s NOT about Reignite Freedom or the GWO specifically, there are different groups involved and most people are in other groups…that’s why weContinue reading “USA’s WE ARE READY event”

Global Walkout Step 21

26 𝐌𝐚𝐫 2023 I can’t wait to get mine. It’s cheap and reliable. It’s a great way to slowly wean ourselves off mobile phone dependency. Try to enroll your friends into the Global Walkout. The more people we have doing these steps, the more impactful it will be…and the sooner we can physically walkout toContinue reading “Global Walkout Step 21”


26 feb 2023 If you’ve been on this journey with us for a while, you’d remember STEP 1 announced by Catherine Austin-Fitts. This has been the most impactful step we’ve done, so we thought it was time to re-introduce it to the newcomers.  This is so easy, and so rewarding. Try it and you’ll know whatContinue reading “KEEP CASH ALIVE”

“Step 16 of the GLOBAL WALKOUT

is to start practicing the art of ‘conscience buying’. Before spending money, consider…WHERE is it going? WHO is it going to? Rightsandfreedoms invite you to go one step further and avoid buying from any large company even if the price is higher. Avoid Walmart, Target, Cosco, Microsoft, Apple, Amazon, Ebay, Youtube, Netflix, Facebook, etc. TryContinue reading ““Step 16 of the GLOBAL WALKOUT”


8 jan 2023 Here at Rightsandfreedoms we use Tor browser, Brave and Chromium. For search engine Presearch, SearX, and Metager. STEP 15 OF THE GLOBAL WALKOUT IS TO DELETE INTERNET BROWSERS LIKE CHROME, SAFARI, FIREFOX, EDGE AND DUCKDUCKGO…AND START EXCLUSIVELY USING BRAVE. A little about BRAVE and how to make the switch. The internet isContinue reading “STEP 15 – LET’S PROTECT OUR DATA MORE”


dec 4 2022 Hello Reignite FamilyWe have decided to focus on step 14 for the next five weeks. We won’t be doing another step until January 8th, 2023.We will use this time to finish some projects that will enhance this initiative, and we’ll keep pushing this step and previous ones.With all the social events overContinue reading “THE GLOBAL WALKOUT STEP 14”


November 28th, 2022 Part 1 – WithdrawIf you have savings in the bank, consider withdrawing a decent amount of cash and putting it somewhere safe or investing it in something tangible. If you don’t have savings, consider taking out your wages every time you get paid. Part 2 – Reach OutReach out to at leastContinue reading “GLOBAL WALKOUT STEP 13 – ‘WITHDRAW AND REACH OUT’”


nov 20 2022 STEP 12 – curriculum awareness week Step 12 of the GLOBAL WALKOUT is for parents to become more familiar with the school curriculums. Book an appointment with their teacher or principal, and ask them which books they are reading this year and next year. Also, ask about the sexual education content theyContinue reading “GLOBAL WALKOUT step 12”


November 14th, 2022. Hello Global Family I had an inspiration last night that the Global Walkout will NEVER END. We will never give up on this project, no matter what! I feel in my bones that persistence is going to be the key with this project. instead of TELLING people what to do or replacingContinue reading “GLOBAL WALKOUT STEP 11”


23 oct 2022 The 8th step of the GLOBAL WALKOUT is to watch the new documentary called ‘The real Anthony Fauci’. Take it a step further and try to convince a fence-sitting friend to watch it with you. Do whatever it takes…maybe their favorite wine, dinner, or dessert It’s free to watch for the nextContinue reading “GLOBAL WALKOUT Step 8

Global walkout Step 7

oct 16 2022 Step 7 is here… We are honored to have Amanda Forbes and Richard Urso MD announcing step 7 of the global walkout. We’re changing things up a bit this week, there are TWO PARTS to this step 🙂 STEP 7 – NO MORE SELF-CHECKOUTS OR QR CODES + A BONUS HEALTH-RELATED STEPWe’reContinue reading “Global walkout Step 7”

The global walkout- Step 6

9 oct 2022 We are honored to have Theirry Baudet, a member of the Dutch Parliament, announcing step 6 of the global walkout. Step 6 – COMMUNITY OF DINNER TABLES AROUND THE WORLDThe next step of the global walkout is to organize, at least once a week, a dinner or lunch with friends and familyContinue reading “The global walkout- Step 6”


oct 2nd 2022 A unified pushback against the globalist agenda ONE STEP AT A TIME, hand in hand, we will walkout from the globalist society they are trying to enslave us. GLOBAL WALKOUT…has begun. STEP 5 – SHARE YOUR FLAG The fifth step of the global walkout is to display your country’s flag upside-down anywhereContinue reading “GLOBAL WALKOUT step 5”

GLOBAL WALKOUT step 4 is here

25 sept 2022 Today is step 4 of the global walkoutThe fourth step of the global walkout is to move as many accounts as you can to a union or local bank. Use these new accounts for your savings and transactions. If you run a business, move your business accounts as well and start payingContinue reading “GLOBAL WALKOUT step 4 is here

GLOBAL WALKOUT step 3 is here

18 sept 2022 We are honored to have Dan Astin-Gregory from the UK announcing the third step of the GLOBAL WALKOUT from Vienna, Austria. Today is step no.3 of the global walkoutThe third step is to unsubscribe from all mainstream media outlets. Delete the apps from your phone, laptop, and tablet and unfollow all ofContinue reading “GLOBAL WALKOUT step 3 is here


sept 11 2022 A unified pushback against the globalist agenda ONE STEP AT A TIME, hand in hand, we will walkout from the globalist society they are trying to enslave us. GLOBAL WALKOUT…has begun. Dear , step 2 is here…We are very honored to have Farmer Piet Postma from the Netherlands announcing the second stepContinue reading “GLOBAL WALKOUT step 2”

Global Walkout act 1

Dear , it’s WALKOUT time folks 🙂 Thank you for your support thus far and for being patient while we put together this new initiative. We are very honored to have Catherine Austin Fitts announcing the first step of the GLOBAL WALKOUT. We have the power…there are already enough of us…WE JUST NEED TO ACTContinue reading “Global Walkout act 1”


Finally, after weeks and months of preparation, the global walkout strategy is LAUNCHED. 2 sept 2022 Every Sunday at 8pm London time, a new step will be announced.The idea is to gradually strive to disconnect from the globalist agenda.Each step will empower ourselves, and each other, to become more independent, self-sustainable, and in control ofContinue reading THE GLOBAL WALKOUT IS STARTING!!!