The Global Public Private Partnership to Profit from Nature: “Conservation” as Commodification

DECEMBER 5, 2022 / THE FEISTY ADÉLIE Summary In this essay, I describe the current global conservation movement for climate and biodiversity as fundamentally a means of concentrating more wealth, power, and land ownership through the commodification and privatization of nature.  The Global Public Private Partnership’s “Nature Positive” strategy centrally depends on assigning financial value to healthy,Continue reading “The Global Public Private Partnership to Profit from Nature: “Conservation” as Commodification”

What Is the Global Public-Private Partnership

POSTED BY: IAIN DAVIS OCTOBER 6, 2021 The Global Public-Private Partnership (G3P) is a worldwide network of stakeholder capitalists and their partners. This collective of stakeholders (the capitalists and their partners) comprises global corporations (including central banks), philanthropic foundations (multi-billionaire philanthropists), policy think tanks, governments (and their agencies), non-governmental organisations, selected academic and scientific institutions, global charities, labour unionsContinue reading “What Is the Global Public-Private Partnership”