The Cult Of Ultimate Evil – Order-Followers & The Destruction Of The Sacred Feminine

January 29th, 2020. Everyone is always blaming, “the jews”. But what about the non Jews who they call “gentiles” who take orders without exercising conscience. The order followers.—The-Cult-Of-Ultimate-Evil—Order-Followers—The-Destruction-Of-The-Sacred-Feminine:6

‘The government would never do that to us’.

How easy it is for this to happen. How easily it is repeated. This is what the story of Christ teaches us, among other things. The system of law and government is oppressive. It may seem to temporarily win through fear and violence, yet it cannot conquer the heart, soul and spirit. Ultimately the spiritContinue reading “‘The government would never do that to us’.”

A message for the deepstate Helpers

October 5th, 2021 Dear deepstate helpers, presidents of countries, CEOs, doctors, scientists, head of department, chief of police, firefighter chief, congressman, deputies, senators, NGO presidents, Youtube, Facebook, Walmart, etc. no matter what is your title/position, you know like me that this ‘pandemic’ is organized, planned and structured for a global depopulation and total control. NoContinue reading “A message for the deepstate Helpers”