22 aug 2022 CoviLeaks; based in the UK and Founded by Fiona Hine in June 2020, was born in response to mainstream media propaganda and government misinformation surrounding the COVID-19 ‘pandemic’. We believe that the lockdown has had catastrophic consequences leading to excess deaths, poverty and severe economic damage. We believe the lockdown and CoronavirusContinue reading “CoviLeaks”

Print & Share these documents and letters with normies

How to Report Covid-19 Vaccine Side-Effects / Safer To Wait Flyer QR Code / Covid Vaccine Rollout to Children Flyer / Human Rights Flyer: Outreach Worldwide / British Lions For Freedom Flyer / Face Masks for Children Flyer / A letter to your MP / Face Covering Discrimination Template Letter / Letter regarding mandatory vaccinesContinue reading “Print & Share these documents and letters with normies”

Health officials condemn anti-vaccination leaflets

By Ian HeathNews Published: Jul 2, 2021 ANTI-VACCINE leaflets being distributed outside schools have been condemned by the government. Head teachers were contacted yesterday about the pamphlets – which are designed in a similar way to official government guidance. The anonymous blue leaflets refer to ‘ethical concerns’ around a potential vaccination rollout for under-18s and compares ‘teachers,Continue reading “Health officials condemn anti-vaccination leaflets”