The facial recognition firm mining YOUR data!

nov 17th 2022 The facial recognition firm mining YOUR dataImagine this: a tool that lets anyone track your face through the web, and with just one click, find out where you work, socialise, or live. YouTube marks the official World Government Summit video about a new world order as spreading a conspiracy theory.

This Real-Life “Invisibility Cloak” Hides You From Person-Detecting Machine Learning Models

Designed to attack detectors rather than classifiers, these wearable “universal patches” delete you right out of a machine’s vision. Gareth Halfacree 20 oct 2022 • Machine Learning & AI A team of researchers at University of Maryland, College Park, working with Facebook AI, have developed a real-life “invisibility cloak:” a sweater that renders you a ghost toContinue reading “This Real-Life “Invisibility Cloak” Hides You From Person-Detecting Machine Learning Models”

COVID-1984: NHS Admits Vax Pass App is Sharing User Facial Recognition Data With Police

KURT ZINDULKA 16 Sep 2021 Britain’s socialised healthcare system, the National Health Service (NHS) has admitted that it is sharing facial recognition with police from the NHS app, which is now being used as the UK’s vaccine passport. An estimated 16 million people have installed the NHS app, which can be used to book GPContinue reading “COVID-1984: NHS Admits Vax Pass App is Sharing User Facial Recognition Data With Police”

Australia has gone full Orwellian

People in South Australia will be forced to download an app that combines facial recognition and geolocation. They will be texted at random times and have 15 minutes to respond with a picture of their face at the location where they are supposed to be.If they fail to respond the police will be sent toContinue reading “Australia has gone full Orwellian”

‘Your Face Will Be Your Covid Credential’

The UK government is funding companies that are producing technology which will utilize digital face scans to check people’s vaccination status and allow or block them from entering pubs, stadiums and other venues. Supported by the government, iProov is working to create a future in which facial scans could dictate our access to many partsContinue reading “‘Your Face Will Be Your Covid Credential’”