What’s going to happen in 2023?

BY RHODA WILSON ON JANUARY 3, 2023 • ( 24 COMMENTS ) Today, I’m going to tell you what is going to happen in 2023. I don’t have an informer feeding me secrets. I don’t have microphones planted in the World Economic Forum headquarters and I don’t have Bill Gates on speed dial. I know exactly what’s going to happen because everContinue reading “What’s going to happen in 2023?”

When the Light goes out – Recipes Against the Hunger and the Cold

15 dec 2022 Lukas Waldmann, Swiss Certified Naturopath TEN, Rotkreuz, Switzerland Gertrude Ebermann, Certified Traditional Medicinal Herbalist, Eidenberg, Austria Many of us grew up during a time of prosperity and feigned abundance and have never had to go hungry or cold. But Europe is gearing up for a harsh winter. In Europe, the entire electricalContinue reading “When the Light goes out – Recipes Against the Hunger and the Cold”

The Next Bigly Thing: Electroculture

ON 04/04/2018 Electroculture is much under-reported but extremely important area of technology that could transform the planet’s agricultural productivity quickly and at low cost. Publisher’s Note: We and others have been researching the effects of magnetic fields and electrons on seeds and plants for some time. It is certainly true that plants can be madeContinue reading “The Next Bigly Thing: Electroculture”