Report Of The National Independent Panel On Military Service And Readiness

y Staff Writer April 1, 2023 STARRS Chairman of the Board LTG Rod Bishop, USAF ret, is a member of  the National Independent Panel on Military Service and Readiness panel that just issued its new report. Read below or read the PDF.– Data collected by the panel indicates a growing politicization of the military, where politicization is defined asContinue reading “Report Of The National Independent Panel On Military Service And Readiness”

What’s going to happen in 2023?

BY RHODA WILSON ON JANUARY 3, 2023 • ( 24 COMMENTS ) Today, I’m going to tell you what is going to happen in 2023. I don’t have an informer feeding me secrets. I don’t have microphones planted in the World Economic Forum headquarters and I don’t have Bill Gates on speed dial. I know exactly what’s going to happen because everContinue reading “What’s going to happen in 2023?”

Create communities, meet in person

2 aug 2022 Create local communities, chat with others, meet in person, buy & sell, date, organize events and more. Looking for Community? The Freedom Cell Network 3.0 Is LIVE! What are Freedom Cells? Freedom Cells are local, peer to peer groups typically consisting of 8 people. Cell members organize themselves in a decentralized mannerContinue reading “Create communities, meet in person”

America: Don’t Let Them Divide You!

January 5, 2022 Flashpoint with Sidney Powell, Mike Lindell and others.Sidney gives the latest updates of the fraud from the 2020 eleciton, as well as news regarding the latest developments in the fight for medical freedom. Schizer | Because We Care (About Our Profits)

‘Camps’ to separate people who are considered ‘high risk’???

You have to read it to actually believe it. This is directly from the CDC website. Are they really planning on setting up ‘camps’ to separate people who are considered ‘high risk’??? How very ‘humanitarian’ Link below, see for yourself 👇🏻 Interim Operational Considerations for Implementing the Shielding Approach to Prevent COVID-19 Infections inContinue reading “‘Camps’ to separate people who are considered ‘high risk’???”