A Necessary Alliance Between the Dissident Left and Libertarians

by Keith Knight | Jul 27, 2022 The following is a transcript from the Keith Knight Don’t Tread on Anyone podcast, originally titled ‘A Libertarian Message to the Great Jimmy Dore’. There is a lot of fundamental overlap in the progressive view of the world and the libertarian view. This is more or less referred to as the exploitation agreement. There areContinue reading “A Necessary Alliance Between the Dissident Left and Libertarians”

We Can Disrupt The Mass Hypnosis So Long As The Dissent Voice Continues To Speak Out

July 23 2022 We may never wake up the masses but the dissident voice will prevent the hypnosis from ever becoming too deep. Totalitarianism is typically self destructive; they will eventually devour their own children Throughout history mass destruction/ totalitarianism began only after the opposition stopped speaking out. https://odysee.com/$/embed/day7en/00710821e10fc0013c5b8c403b30d4866dc38e8d?r=HTiQe3jL2tMZKoj1iXL1csiodjjnNFBV