Enabling a Decentralized World

How can we create something that has never existed before? Robert W Malone MD, MS Nov 14 The essay that follows is not intended to describe a solution, but rather to outline a process suitable for structuring, defining and developing a solution. There is something in the wind, a subtle global emerging realization that thereContinue reading “Enabling a Decentralized World”

Create communities, meet in person

2 aug 2022 Create local communities, chat with others, meet in person, buy & sell, date, organize events and more. Looking for Community? The Freedom Cell Network 3.0 Is LIVE! What are Freedom Cells? Freedom Cells are local, peer to peer groups typically consisting of 8 people. Cell members organize themselves in a decentralized mannerContinue reading “Create communities, meet in person”

Search engine, Duckduckgo, Google or Presearch and censorship

March 16th Now that DuckDuckGo has officially DuckDuckGone in the direction of censorship, what’s a free speech-loving, liberty-minded conspiracy realist to do? Never fear, #SolutionsWatch is here. In the first of a series of explorations of Alt Tech, James talks to Colin Pape of Presearch, a decentralized search engine that is seeking to offer anContinue reading “Search engine, Duckduckgo, Google or Presearch and censorship”

The Parallel Economy Takes Off!

Feb 2022 The first week of Gab Marketplace being live has been absolutely incredible. There are now thousands of items across dozens of different categories. People are buying and selling from one another and commerce is happening in a way that we would have never dreamed of on Gab. It’s incredible to see the differentContinue reading “The Parallel Economy Takes Off!”