Jan 29 2023 If you are already on a journey towards data privacy and anonymous purchasing, loyalty cards need to become a thing of the past. They track your spending, location and might even sell your data without your knowledge. Protecting your data is not about hiding, it’s about making informed decisions on who hasContinue reading “DITCH LOYALTY, REWARD AND MEMBERSHIP CARDS”

“Step 16 of the GLOBAL WALKOUT

is to start practicing the art of ‘conscience buying’. Before spending money, consider…WHERE is it going? WHO is it going to? Rightsandfreedoms invite you to go one step further and avoid buying from any large company even if the price is higher. Avoid Walmart, Target, Cosco, Microsoft, Apple, Amazon, Ebay, Youtube, Netflix, Facebook, etc. TryContinue reading ““Step 16 of the GLOBAL WALKOUT”