Woke technocrats are erasing cash to seize control over our financial lives

It’s terrible for the elderly, and risks giving authorities the power to monitor every single transaction ALLISTER HEATH 3 May 2023 • 9:00pm Shops that refuse cash? Councils that require maddening parking apps? Tradesmen who demand bank transfers? I’m part of the problem, dear reader. The virtual penny finally dropped when I flew to theContinue reading “Woke technocrats are erasing cash to seize control over our financial lives”

What the WHO Is Actually Proposing

BY DAVID BELL  MARCH 3, 2023  POLICY, PUBLIC HEALTH  17 MINUTE READ The World Health Organization (WHO) is currently developing two international legal instruments intended to increase its authority in managing health emergencies, including pandemics; (1) Amendments to the 2005 International Health Regulations (IHR), and  (2) A pandemic treaty, termed ‘ÇA+’ by the WHO.  The draft IHR amendments would layContinue reading “What the WHO Is Actually Proposing”

Government Consults on Digital ID

BY JEAN MARAT 20 FEBRUARY 2023 5:30 PM Another day, another Government consultation, as turgid as it is disingenuous. This time it is the Cabinet Office announcing plans to share our personal data more widely across Government departments, so our digital identities can be verified when we access public services but “without creating ID cards” (see howContinue reading “Government Consults on Digital ID”