dec 17 2022 Derrick Broze is back for another walk and talk in Morelia, Mexico. This time Derrick expresses frustration with the so-called “Freedom Movement” and the lack of action as the Technocratic State, Agenda 2030 and The Great Reset approach. The Conscious Resistance Network is an independent media organization focused on empowering individuals throughContinue reading “IS THERE REALLY A FREEDOM MOVEMENT?”

The Greater Reset : activation

30 jan 2022 The Greater Reset Day 1: Liberate Your Mind, Body and Soul Video: The Greater Reset Day 2: Agorism & Parallel Networks Video: The Greater Reset Day 3, Video: The Greater Reset Day 4, 5, 6 Coming soon:

Get in touch with people like you and be part of the Greater Reset

Welcome to TCRN The Conscious Resistance Network 2.5… TCR is the moment you recognize that being free goes deeper than just seeing the problems in the political arena. Consciously Resisting means being willing to engage in self-reflection, and pursuing knowledge of the self. Without knowing our own doubts, hopes, fears, dreams, insecurities and strengths we canContinue reading “Get in touch with people like you and be part of the Greater Reset”