‘Biggest cancer catastrophe ever’ to hit NHS as up to 740,000 potential cases missed

‘Devastating’ situation for patients, as waiting lists set to rise further and medics fear that ‘more people will die who don’t need to’ By Laura Donnelly, Health Editor 1 December 2021 Up to 740,000 potential cancer cases that should have been urgently referred by GPs have been “missed” since the first lockdown, according to aContinue reading “‘Biggest cancer catastrophe ever’ to hit NHS as up to 740,000 potential cases missed”

Covid-19 Vaccination Catastrophe

21 nov 2021 Geert Vanden Bossche Warns of Covid-19 Vaccination Catastrophe In an historic interview for The HighWire, host Del Bigtree sits down with Vaccinologist, Geert Vanden Bossche, Ph.D., D.V.M., to hear Geert’s dire warning about mass Covid vaccination of children, and the catastrophe which may follow. Del had planned to come to Belgium first,Continue reading “Covid-19 Vaccination Catastrophe”

Vaccine creating a global immunity catastrophe -Vaccine specialist

World renown vaccine specialist, Geert Vanden Bossche, gave a groundbreaking interview this week risking his reputation and his career by bravely speaking out against administration of #Covid19 vaccines. In what may be one of the most important stories ever covered by The Highwire, the vaccine developer shared his extreme concerns about these vaccines in particularContinue reading “Vaccine creating a global immunity catastrophe -Vaccine specialist”