Dr. Wodarg Explains How Spike Protein Could Be Transported From Breast Milk to the Baby

The Vigilant Fox Published May 16, 2022 “So with the breast milk, for sure, the exosomes go to the babies, and if there is mRNA and if there are spike proteins [in the exosomes], they will get them…” https://rumble.com/v14z8nt-unsettling-dr.-wodarg-explains-how-spike-protein-could-be-transported-from-.html

Exposure risk to babies being fed by vaccinated mothers

June 10, 2021 There can be no assurances of safety, with so many unknowns It is being claimed that:  Human breast milk does not contain SARS-CoV-2 vaccine-mRNA; and   That if there were any vaccine-mRNA in breast milk, it would not survive the nursing infant’s digestive tract.  Risks to infants from their mother’s vaccination could alsoContinue reading “Exposure risk to babies being fed by vaccinated mothers”