November 28th, 2022 Part 1 – WithdrawIf you have savings in the bank, consider withdrawing a decent amount of cash and putting it somewhere safe or investing it in something tangible. If you don’t have savings, consider taking out your wages every time you get paid. Part 2 – Reach OutReach out to at leastContinue reading “GLOBAL WALKOUT STEP 13 – ‘WITHDRAW AND REACH OUT’”

Dangerous? Not So Much

Todd Hayen Sep 10, 2022 As long as he keep the blind fold on, he won’t fall. Right? There is so much arm flapping going on from us shrews to get sheep attention that it can become rather annoying. I have used the Chicken Little analogy before: we are all running around getting continually bonkedContinue reading “Dangerous? Not So Much”

More People Have Woken Up Now Than Ever Before -What makes you really ill ?

September 5th, 2022 Drs Mark and Sam Bailey had the privilege to speak with renowned authors David Parker and Dawn Lester.In December 2019, after 10 years of research, they published a book called What Really Makes You Ill? which took the world by storm.$/download/Dawn-Lester-and-David-Parker-Interview/119b7255613e7b04197e676d5043fe4bc862cc67 Terrain Course COURSE: Introduction to the Terrain Paradigm through theContinue reading “More People Have Woken Up Now Than Ever Before -What makes you really ill ?”