Australia, UK freedom

ONLINE HARMS/SAFETY BILL PARLIAMENTARY DEBATE📣LET’S GO MAKE SOME NOISE🗓TUESDAY 19TH APRIL🕑2 PM📍PARLIAMENT SQUARE ✊🏻WE MUST LET THE GOVERNMENT KNOW THAT WE WILL FIGHT FOR OUR FREEDOM OF SPEECH✊🏻 MPs will debate the Government’s Online Safety Bill on Tuesday 19 April in the main House of Commons chamber. The debate should start sometime after 3:30pm, followingContinue reading “Australia, UK freedom”

The path to dictatorship

Jan 6 2022 WE’RE YOU BUSY WITH THE TENNIS DISTRACTION TO NOT SEE WHAT WAS HAPPENING IN THE BACKGROUND? If you’ve been wondering what all the tennis & other distractions were about, here’s one of the reasons – It came out today . . . Read this : Email submissions here This gives additionalContinue reading “The path to dictatorship”