A Review and Autopsy of Two COVID Immunity Studies

By Martin Kulldorff   November 2, 2021 How effective is immunity after Covid recovery relative to vaccination? An Israeli study by Gazit et al. found that the vaccinated have a 27 times higher risk of symptomatic infection than the Covid recovered. At the same time, the vaccinated were nine times more likely to be hospitalizedContinue reading “A Review and Autopsy of Two COVID Immunity Studies”

Post-mortem findings in vaccine-induced thrombotic thombocytopenia

Cristoforo Pomara Francesco Sessa Marcello Ciaccio Francesco Dieli Massimiliano Esposito Sebastiano Fabio Garozzo Antonino Giarratano Daniele Prati Francesca Rappa Monica Salerno Claudio Tripodo Paolo Zamboni Pier Mannuccio Mannucci Vol. 106 No. 8 (2021): August, 2021 https://doi.org/10.3324/haematol.2021.279075ARTICLEFIGURES AND DATAINFO AND METRICS Greinacher et al.1 and Schultz et al.2 were the first to independently report the main clinical and laboratory features ofContinue reading “Post-mortem findings in vaccine-induced thrombotic thombocytopenia”

Where are the autopsies of all those who die after the COVID vaccine ?, by Dr. Jane M. Orient

July 12, 2021 in Articles , Where is the responsibility of government agencies charged with protecting us, or private entities that coerce employees or students to take an experimental, potentially dangerous and even lethal product? By Dr. Jane M. Orient, Executive Director,  Association of American Physicians and Surgeons, AAPS :In this era of supposed scientific medicine and a pandemic, we relyContinue reading “Where are the autopsies of all those who die after the COVID vaccine ?, by Dr. Jane M. Orient”