nov 8 2022 “Amnesty”???? Do any of the perpetrators in this video compilation deserve Amnesty for their actions, words, threats etc? What do YOU think? Let’s debate it!!! “We Must Never Forget You will see that this video evidence clearly demonstrates that various forms of: and other such methods being used to gain “consent” toContinue reading “WE MUST NEVER FORGET”

Pandemic Amnesty? Not a Chance in Hell. Never Forgive, Never Forget and Never Again!

November 1st, 2022 Some of the COVID crazies are panicking – they want out, but they can’t seem to take any responsibility. I cover an article in the Atlantic wherein the author proposes “Pandemic Amnesty”Visit my website here! Thank you: https://amazingpolly.net/ Never Forgive, Never Forget and Never Again!

How did a human rights abuser end up running the WHO – and how is he still there?

Michael Kroger Getty Images Michael Kroger 12 June 2020  In 1348, the Black Death killed between 30 to 50% of the entire population of Britain. In one of the greatest health crisis to affect the world since then who was selected as the person to lead the global effort to fight COVID-19? Dr Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus.  Tedros should neverContinue reading “How did a human rights abuser end up running the WHO – and how is he still there?”