“As you probably have heard, I have been sentenced to prison for 60 days.

I’m a lawyer and a medical doctor with decades of service to patients in minority communities. I have no criminal record. So, what am I sentenced for? A bogus misdemeanor charge of trespassing. The absurd and unfair punishment comes from a fascist Biden administration and their political allies that want to silence me from speakingContinue reading ““As you probably have heard, I have been sentenced to prison for 60 days.”

“There is No Emergency!” – Dr. Robert Malone and the Frontline Doctors Lay Down the Real Facts

April 10, 2022 “There is no justification for taking away individuals’ freedom in the guise of public safety.” Speakers Include: Dr. Richard Urso, Dr. Ryan Cole, Dr. Pierre Kory, Dr. Paul Marik, Dr. Flavio Cadgiani, Dr. Aaron Kheriaty, Dr. Lynn Fynn, Dr. Paul Alexander, Dr. Brian Tyson, and Dr. Robert Malone. Video: https://rumble.com/v10jbjz-there-is-no-emergency-dr.-robert-malone-and-the-frontline-doctors-lay-down-.html

Three of the top doctors fighting on the frontlines for medical freedoms

8 march 2022 Dr. Simone Gold, Dr. Peter McCullough, and Dr. Richard Bartlett, as they continue to expose truths behind the pandemic and COVID 19 vaccine. Video: https://daystar.tv/player/37118/442689

America’s Frontline Doctors Vow to Open Its Own Clinics and Invites Medical Staff and Pharmacists to Join Them

By Joe HoftPublished December 21, 2021 America’s Frontline Doctors (AFLDS) is planning to open its own clinics and is inviting medical staff and pharmacists to join.  News Punch reports: According to a newsletter that was distributed among its supporters last week, “AFLDS is opening its first medical clinic in the coming months, with many more planned shortly after.”Continue reading “America’s Frontline Doctors Vow to Open Its Own Clinics and Invites Medical Staff and Pharmacists to Join Them”

Protect the children against experimental vaccine

AFLDS has filed an emergency lawsuit against the government seeking to stop the use of the COVID-19 vaccine for children. It is dangerous and unethical to administer a vaccine with NO long-term safety data to our kids. https://www.aflds.org/films

Lawsuit Filed by America’s Frontline Doctors, Names Fauci, Aims to STOP CHILD JABS!

The Stew Peters Show BY STEW PETERS SHOWJUNE 28, 2021 Ali Shultz, Legal Director for America’s Frontline Doctors, joined Stew Peters to announce the organization has officially filed a lawsuit that names Anthony Fauci and others. MORE NEWS: (Watch) Gen. Flynn: “The truth will eventually come out on top, it will eventually come to light” http://www.StewPeters.tv http://www.AmericasFrontlineDoctors.org


Everyday our rights are being eliminated, our communities are being destroyed, and tyranny is being imposed under the false banner of safety.. ⁣SUPPORT THE CAUSE Donations raised will support our efforts to educate the American public and political leaders. ⁣Freedom Of Movement. America’s Frontline Doctors Forum Dallas TX 19/6/2021⁣ Video: https://brandnewtube.com/watch/freedom-of-movement-america-039-s-frontline-doctors-forum-dallas-tx-19-6-2021_ZGEaU3yqVc5DW79.html https://americasfrontlinedoctors.org/about-us/mission-statement/

The Fight Against Medical Tyranny

Medical corruption and tyranny is running rampant worldwide. Dr. Simone Gold explains the dangers of this medical corruption and why we MUST fight back against the growing medical tyranny. 30 min video: https://odysee.com/@TruthWillOut:8/The-fight-against-medical-tyranny:c America’s Frontline Doctors