Journey To Freedom With Andrew Kaufman, M.D.

[Nov 7th , 2022] After an informative introduction to Kaufman’s work, Jeremy invites Dr.Andy to share his mission to build a better health system that would be more in tune with nature. From varicose veins to skin problems, Andrew shares how early signs can be used to address health issues before they become full blownContinue reading “Journey To Freedom With Andrew Kaufman, M.D.”


August 24th, 2022 The prolific author and investigative journalist Jon Rappoport is back and had so much to talk about.We discuss:A major medical crime that alternative media won’t discussWhy Jon doesn’t go to a GPWhy people are addicted to seeing allopathic doctorsThe collusion of media, corporations and governmentHow the media fakes authenticityThe problems with theContinue reading “SAM BAILEY & JON RAPPOPORT – MAKE THE CRIMINALS SQUIRM”

New Zealand’s Greatest Doctor

July 19 2022 What does it mean to be a great doctor? In fact, what does it mean to be a doctor at all these days? In this video I look into the life of a doctor who had a paradigm shift when they realised: the mainstream’s interpretation of symptoms and disease is incorrect allopathicContinue reading “New Zealand’s Greatest Doctor”