Do NOT Trust Your Government: A Wake-Up Call from MEP Christine Anderson

4 may 2023 “This whole COVID madness, it was really just a test balloon — a test balloon to see how far they could go,” concluded MEP Christine Anderson. “And the lesson they wanted to learn from this was to find out what needed to be done to get free individuals in free and democraticContinue reading “Do NOT Trust Your Government: A Wake-Up Call from MEP Christine Anderson”

If You Want to Know How 1930s Germany Happened, Just Look at the Past 3 Years

April 28 2023 MEP Christine Anderson: Covid Was a Hoax MEP Christine Anderson: True Motive Behind 15-Min Cities Full interview Christine Anderson – From 15-Minute Cities to Climate Lockdowns, the Onslaught of Digital Tyranny

I want to shout to the world the following

April 14 2023 We would like to share a reflection that has come to us… “Hello, my name is Sonia and I want to shout to the world the following: I don’t want to eat insects in 15-minute cities. I don’t want to be humiliated and reduced to the condition of an animal (animalism), makingContinue reading “I want to shout to the world the following”

Trial by Jury will stop 15 Minutes Cities

7th april 2023 Richard Vobes interviews Prof. Dolores Cahill on 7th April 2023: Please share worldwide 💞 Message from Dolores: 💞 So grateful to Richard: Brief overview of the interview below: If you are interest in the ‘Trial by Jury’ process, I recommend the last 30 minutes: from 51 minutes to the end 1 hourContinue reading “Trial by Jury will stop 15 Minutes Cities”

The Agenda For World Domination

his is not a superficial post that leaves you grasping for answers, but an in-depth report giving you a full understanding of what is threatening our world. Take some time to read this highly revealing report until the end, as the information is critical. We suggest that you go directly on their website for aContinue reading “The Agenda For World Domination”

It is NOT Agenda 2030 – It is Agenda 2023

BY THE EXPOSÉ ON MARCH 4, 2023 • ( 13 COMMENTS ) We know that the globalist intelligence services have partnered with big tech to build us a digital prison to enforce social credit score-controlled Central Bank Digital Currencies.  We know that they seek to control our genetics through genetic vaccination, our money through CBDCs and our carbon footprint through social creditContinue reading “It is NOT Agenda 2030 – It is Agenda 2023”