Andrew Bridgen MP, Efficacy of the mRNA Covid Booster, Full Address to Parliament

17 March 2023


Our society became riven, scared, divided and controlled

News Uncut

MARCH 23, 2020 was the day a solemn Boris Johnson addressed the nation and called the first Covid lockdown.

Here, ANDREW BRIDGEN, the MP who is challenging the Government on Covid policy and, in particular, the truth about jabs and the damage caused, marks the anniversary with a personal view, exclusively for News Uncut.   

THREE years can seem a very long time, can’t it?

It is three years ago today that Prime Minister Boris Johnson faced the cameras in Downing Street and told us that we ‘must stay at home’.

It is three years ago today that Mr Johnson told us his Government was closing all shops selling non-essential goods, libraries, playgrounds and churches.

It is three years ago today that he set rules telling us we could only leave our homes to go for a walk, to care for vulnerable people or for medical care ourselves. Rules that most of us tried our hardest to abide by, even though they came at a great personal disadvantage and, in many cases, at personal cost.

It is three years ago today that Mr Johnson told us in his address to the nation that “The coronavirus is the biggest threat this country has faced for decades.”

Three years is a very long time and in that time I have come to wholeheartedly agree with Mr Johnson’s statement that indeed the coronavirus was the biggest threat that our country has faced – I just don’t agree that it was for the reasons he outlined that day.

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The pandemic was certainly unprecedented in living memory. In those early days of 2020 we were told we were being stalked by an ‘invisible killer’ that would particularly prey on older people and ‘left unabated’ would kill millions.

And because most people are fundamentally decent when they hear of such a dangerous threat they will do what decency demands and freely give up their liberties to save vulnerable loved ones and neighbours known and unknown.

As it turned out the coronavirus pandemic was the biggest threat facing our country. It wasn’t the biggest threat because of the virus itself but because when we were told about this unseen killer, we voluntarily gave up our freedoms so easily, we acquiesced to giving Government excessive power and control over us. And didn’t our leaders enjoy that?

Three years on and our executive have tasted the unfettered power that a pandemic can give them. They know a public cowed by fear, governed by kneejerk laws, legislation pushed through without debate and virtually on the nod, is a pliant one.

They have experienced what it is like when neighbours turn on each other for perceived minor infractions of draconian rules and how quickly – with the right propaganda – community spirit turns into twitching curtains. If you are a minister, such subservience can quickly become addictive.

Three years is a long time and the simple truth is that, like George Lucas’ Galactic Empire, the Government has learnt there is no better tool for ensuring compliance than instilling fear.Subscribe

The fear is pervasive. It has led to a generation of children facing mental health challenges and reduced opportunities due to years of lost education that they will never catch up on and lacking experience of social interaction.

It has seen the burgeoning of a whole cross-section of society for whom tolerance has become an alien concept, challenging freely those who do and do not choose to wear a mask. Our society became riven, scared, divided and controlled.

It is a fear that has been brokered and enabled by a mainstream media that has failed in its duty to question those with their hands on the levers of power.

And, of course, anyone who challenges that culture of fear is taken down. Cancelled, smeared and denounced.

Anyone who questioned the validity of lockdowns – or voted against them – was told they were uncaring; they were happy to let people die.

Anyone who questioned the science behind the ‘vaccines’ was ridiculed and ostracised facing social media bans or even their very careers – despite the data supporting their assertions.


Being a Western democracy, our Government has a contract with the public it seeks to govern. Responsible government seeks to limit its power sparingly, it understands personal liberty is paramount, it never governs through fear.

In the three years since Mr Johnson’s speech that contract between Government and the people has fundamentally broken down. When Government comes to understand the power of fear, we no longer pass laws for the people but rather we inflict laws upon them.

The time has come for the people to take back that power. To be uncowed. To challenge fear with facts.

Many will want us to forget the last three years and their part in it, but we must not as we must never let this happen again.


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