Top 10 bombshell bills on medical freedom to put COVID fascism into the grave

March 16, 2023 • by Daniel Horowitz

As originally published in The Conservative Review.

“The window for substantive pushback — a mass vaccination drive of human liberty against the pathogen of biomedical tyranny — is open now, but it won’t be open forever.” ~“Rise of the Fourth Reich

It’s the biggest story in American history. Our government helped create a virus, seized power and ruled by executive fiat, locked down the people, banned human breathing, created dangerous therapeutics that killed and maimed millions, blocked safe treatment for the virus, and built a biomedical surveillance state that is growing by the day. We are now in the fourth legislative session since this began, and most red states have failed to even scrape the surface of these issues to ensure that COVID fascism never happens ever again – even as they are preparing for the next round. Are we going to allow our life and liberty to continue to hang by a thread with no reforms?

This week is the three-year anniversary of “15 days to flatten the curve,” which turned out to be a paradigm shift in human rights that, to this day, is flattening our life and liberty and appears to be elevating death rates and depressing birth rates. Are we going to walk away from this without ensuring governments can’t do this again?

Sadly, most of the good bills have been killed this year without any chance to even get medical freedom legislation to the desks of red-state governors. But there are still a few bills that are worth fighting for in as many states as we can. To that end, here are the top 10 bills that have been introduced around the country and need to be signed into law in as many states as possible … before it’s too late and they do this again.

1. Hold pharma executives liable for concealing info on vaccine safety: Although the Feds have violated the Seventh Amendment and have absolved vaccine companies of all civil liability, the individual executives can be held criminally liable. Arkansas SB8, sponsored by state Sen. Bryan King, would hold any executive liable for a vaccine death or serious injury caused by the vaccine if the individual “knowingly hides, conceals, omits, or otherwise withholds evidence, documentation, or information that the vaccine has dangerous effects.” It would also create a settlement fund for the state to use to pay the vaccine-injured. As the companies create new dangerous therapeutics for RSV and other ailments, this bill is needed to deter their continued treatment of humanity as lab rats.

2. Ban health departments from issuing public health edicts that violate liberty: By now, lockdowns and masks have been roundly repudiated, yet most states still have not precluded state and local health departments from doing this again. Kansas SB6, sponsored by state Sen. Mark Steffen, would make all health department guidance a mere recommendation and not a mandate. The bill passed the Senate 22-18 and is currently in a House committee.

3. Block all federal public health edicts from enforcement within the state: After fixing state public health statutes, it’s time to block federal ones. Texas Senator Bob Hall introduced a health care sanctuary state bill, SB 307, that would prohibit any state or local official from enforcing a federal public health edict that is not consistent with state law.

4. Ban mRNA vaccines: Any other novel technology with the potential to spread toxic gene codes throughout the body would have been pulled from the market after a fraction of the adverse events experienced from the COVID shots. Instead, Moderna is building an mRNA empire for numerous other shots, including RSV, monkeypox, and bird flu. As such, there is an urgent need for the states to do what the FDA refuses to do. Idaho’s HB307, introduced by state Sen. Tammy Nichols, would ban the use of all mRNA vaccines within the state. The bill makes it a misdemeanor for anyone to administer an mRNA-based vaccine. Even a compromise version of this bill, for example, either banning the technology for a limited period of time or barring the state health department from recommending, funding, marketing, and distributing such shots, would be imperative for every state to adopt.

5. Keep mRNA out of food and other products: What is the way to ensure that mRNA gets into everyone’s body, even those smart enough to reject the injections? The industry has been pushing to place mRNA shots into cattle and other food, and such an effort has already been fast-tracked for research and approval in Australia. Rather than playing catch-up, for once, legislators should get ahead of this and ensure that the principle of informed consent is not violated surreptitiously with placement of mRNA in other products. SB99 in Tennessee and S. 1018 in Idaho would require labeling of any mRNA product in chicken and meat. Missouri HB 1169, sponsored by state Rep. Holly Jones, is probably the broadest version in that it would require all products (not just food) to be labeled if it contains any gene therapy.

6. Report vaccine injury: Doctors were told to be silent about vaccine injury, which is why it took so long to raise awareness to the problems with these shots. Texas SB 305, sponsored by the inimitable Bob Hall, would require vaccine administrators to record any injury in the patient’s medical records and also file a VAERS report. In addition, no state licensing board can take action against any doctor for issuing a medical exemption letter to a patient, and all schools and employers must accept the medical exemption.

7. Ban vaccine status discrimination: Bob Hall’s SB 304 would broadly ban any discrimination or unequal treatment against an individual that is based purely on vaccination status. The bill includes all areas of life and public accommodation, such as employment, medical care, health insurance, education, and occupational licensing. Although conservatives shy away from new anti-discrimination laws in the private sector, this is absolutely necessary given the weight of government policies behind the vaccination regime in the form of funding, marketing, mandates, and indemnity from liability. This bill will have a hard time in Texas, but Florida has several versions winding through the legislature, such as SB 222, SB 252, and HB 1013.

8. Prohibit vaccines that did not undergo human trials: Last year, the FDA’s advisory board adopted the “future framework” to approve vaccines simply based antibody levels without full clinical trials. Indeed, the COVID boosters and baby shots, as well as the JYNNEOS shot for monkeypox, have already been green-lit without full human trials. New Hampshire’s HB 575 would prohibit the state and its political subdivisions from purchasing, promoting, or distributing vaccines or any pharmaceutical product without human clinical trials. This is one of the most direct expressions of the Nuremberg Code, and it shouldn’t be controversial.

9. Unquestionable religious exemption from all vaccines: Ideally, every state would pass a constitutional amendment barring all discrimination in the realm of public accommodation on account of not getting any medical procedure or therapeutic. But in an effort to fight the COVID mandates, it might require compromise for now on the other shots. However, at a minimum, there must be a plenary exemption for religious and conscience objections. Montana SB 450 , sponsored by state Sen. Daniel Emrich, is one of the broadest bills. It requires all government entities, schools, employers, and health care providers to accept “without question or malice any religious or conscience” objection to a vaccine.

10. End abuse of emergency powers: It’s shocking how few states have reformed their emergency powers over the past three years. Iowa SF91 would stipulate that the state government cannot infringe upon a fundamental constitutionally protected right during a declared emergency unless the measure is justified by a compelling state interest, is narrowly tailored to achieve its specific purpose, and is achieved by the least restrictive means possible. Governments would be banned from imposing unequal treatment and from prohibiting religious services.

Furthermore, under this bill, the state could not use phones or other digital technology to surveil the public and cannot authorize the use of any drones, unmanned aerial vehicles, advanced robotics, or any artificial intelligence-based systems to enforce the proclamation. Contact tracing is completely prohibited.

The bill also contains another critical element of medical freedom in that it ensures that no medical board can restrict a doctor’s ability to prescribe medication in the prescriber’s best medical judgement. As for vaccines, the health department cannot mandate vaccination and must offer informed consent at vaccination drives, and vaccination shall not even be recommended by the state if it is reasonably likely to lead to serious harm to the affected individual. This is a baseline Nuremberg Code affirmation and should be standard in every state. Sadly, this bill was not even given a committee vote in the Iowa Senate.

None of this absolves elected officials at the federal level from their obligation to put forward legislation categorically banning gain-of-function research, banning human experimentation, and repealing the Prep Act indemnifying Big Pharma against liability. However, it’s important to remember that most of the tyranny began in the states, and it can be fixed in the states. Also, there is no excuse of being stymied by divided power in half the states, where Republicans control all branches of government.

Most Republicans have moved on from COVID with the thought that somehow the biomedical security regime is over with. But if you look carefully, the only reason the restrictions were lifted is because officials feel the COVID numbers no longer justify mandates, not because those policies are illegal, illogical, and immoral. They will bring them back, especially regarding mRNA experimentation, which is a multibillion-dollar industry companies are just beginning to unleash upon us. Never before was Patrick Henry’s warning so prescient: “A willing relinquishment of power is one of those things which human nature never was, nor ever will be, capable of.” They will not surrender this power unless we grab it back from them.

We will regret not fighting these policies while we still can and while popular sentiment has, for now, turned against them. If not now, we will suffer from inaction when the next iteration of the biomedical security state makes COVID fascism look like child’s play.

As George Mason warned during the Virginia ratifying convention, “I will venture to assert that, out of a thousand instances where the people precipitately and unguardedly relinquished their power, there has not been one instance of a voluntary surrender of it back by rulers.”


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