Doctors Speaking Out Against the Narrative are being Suspended and Attacked

Jan 21 2023

In this episode, Dr Mark Trozzi, Dr Charles Hoffe, Dr Crystal Luchliw, Dr Patrick Phillips and Attorney Michael Alexander join CHD Europe and Aga Wilson to talk about their hardship of speaking out against the COVID-19 narrative and how that has impacted their livelihoods and their lives. They have had their license suspended, lost their jobs, while awaiting trial, none of them has been able to continue their practice. We talk about how this impacts humanity, democracy and Human Rights and how we are currently seeing a trend where truth is being hidden and censored and people that are speaking out are being attacked. Nevertheless these Doctors and Human Rights advocates will not let fear come in the way of speaking their truth, and the principles of “Do No Harm” and the hippocratic oath.

Patrick Phillips is an emergency and family physician in Englehart, Ontario.
Through the course of the Covid-19 pandemic and the lockdowns he started to see some major harms that his patients were suffering from, that were not being picked up by public health officials. From missed cancer screenings resulting in terminal cancer diagnoses, to a surge in suicidal children, he knew he could not remain silent. Despite guidance and edicts from the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario ordering doctors to remain silent on the harms of lockdowns and vaccine adverse events, Dr Phillips continued to openly discuss the harms he was seeing and the treatments that were proving useful in the medical evidence. The College has since restricted then suspended his license and sent allegations to their tribunal for him to be disciplined. The college has stated they intend to seek revocation of his medical license for reporting adverse events, daring to publicly criticize public health measures, supporting patient choice in vaccination through exemptions, and for prescribing off-patent treatments for Covid. He was banned off Twitter in December of 2021 for speaking out on these same issues. He has since started a new account. You can follow him on Twitter: @DrPPhillipsMD

Dr. Crystal Luchkiw is a family and palliative care physician from Barrie Ontario Canada. Prior to the pandemic she was a highly respected physician with a renown reputation for excellent compassionate care. During the pandemic response, she recognized the extreme deviation from the fundamental principles of medical practice and soon after began witnessing serious harms occurring disproportionately to her elderly patients, her patients at end of life, and her mental health patients. Dr. Luchkiw maintained and even increased her critical scrutiny of scientific literature and questioned the balance that is necessary for all public health measures. In speaking out about the increasing harms to her patients and the public in her community, she was targeted by hospital administrators and ultimately the college of physicians and surgeons of ontario who moved to suspend her medical licence in march 2022. Since her suspension, she has supported her patients, advocated for their access to medical care, and is pursuing legal action against the college for unlawfully interfering with her constitutional rights and for over reaching beyond their lawful authority to investigate and punish physicians.



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