Founder of Shares Alarming Survey Results on Decidual Cast Shedding

Feb 8 2023

“In our dataset of just over 6,000 participants, we had 292 instances”

Full Interview:

NEW — FDA Commissioner Dr. Robert Califf Says Emergency Use Authorizations Don’t Have an End Date

Full statement:

WCH backs the CAALM petition requesting the FDA update product labeling for C19 vaccines.

1️⃣ Add language clarifying that phase III trials were not designed to determine and failed to provide substantial evidence of vaccine efficacy against SARS-CoV-2 transmission or death.

2️⃣ Add language clarifying that the immunobridging surrogate endpoint used in multiple authorized indications has not been validated to predict clinical efficacy.

3️⃣ Add safety and efficacy results data from manufacturer randomized trials of current bivalent boosters that reported results after EUA was granted.

4️⃣ Add a clear statement that FDA authorized a new Pfizer vaccine formulation containing Tris buffer without requiring clinical studies to evaluate efficacy, safety or bioequivalence to the formulation containing phosphate buffer.

5️⃣ Add a clear statement disclosing that a Pfizer phase III randomized trial in pregnant women (NCT04754594) was completed as of July 2022 but there have been no results reported.

6️⃣ Add a clear statement that Pfizer vaccine efficacy wanes after 2 months following dose 2 according to the Pfizer phase III randomized trial.

7️⃣ The following adverse event types should be added to the Adverse Reactions section of labeling: multisystem inflammatory syndrome (MIS) in children, pulmonary embolism, sudden cardiac death, neuropathic and autonomic disorders.

8️⃣ The following reproductive health and lactation related adverse event types should be added to the Adverse Reactions section of labeling: decreased sperm concentration, heavy menstrual bleeding, detection of vaccine mRNA in breastmilk.

9️⃣ Add frequency data for clinical and subclinical myocarditis.

🔟 Labeling should present trial results on serious adverse events in tables with statistics, as is done for non-serious adverse events.

Submit comments to FDA here (


The Time for Silence is Over

A unified pushback against the globalist agenda

It’s finally here, the Global Walkout begins September 4th at 8pm London time and continue every weeks. Next step 4th June 2023.

One step at a time, hand in hand, we are walking out from the globalist society they are trying to enslave us into

ANYONE can participate
ANYWHERE in the world

JOIN or read about it here –

The third step is to unsubscribe from all mainstream media outlets. Delete the apps from your phone, laptop, and tablet and unfollow all of their social media and YouTube channels. Try to avoid mainstream media for at least one week, even if the headline is intriguing.

In the same time why not removing all the big tech tracking/spying/social credit system around you: (Youtube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Tik Tok, Google, Apple, Microsoft, Whatsapp, Zoom, Linkedln, Snapchat, Tumblr, Pinterest, Reddit, Myspace, etc.)

The fourth step of the global walkout is to move as many accounts as you can to a union or local bank.

If you like our work please consider to donate :


If you are looking for solutions (lawyer, form, gathering, action, antidote, treatments, maybe this could help you:

If you want to fight back better:

Find the others:

Spike Protein Protocol 

Glutathione (most important for body detoxification) or better
NAC = N-Acetyl-Cysteine 600-750mg (causes the body to produce glutathione itself)
Astaxantin 5mg (also improves vision)
vitamin D3
Milk thistle (also liver and stomach protection)
Melatonin 1mg to 10mg (against 5G)
Alternatively CDS/CDL and zeolite

Dr. Zelenko’s Protocol contains Ivermectin, Hydroxychloroquine (HCQ), Zinc, Vitamin D3, and Quercetin.

How to find the truth :

Search engine:,, Searx (choose the server that you want) or

Facebook style: or


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