Government Refuses to Investigate What’s Behind the Thousands of Excess Deaths



We have drawn readers’ attention to the Government’s Chief Medical Officer’s contention that the cause of excess deaths was a lack of access to cardiovascular drugs, blood pressure monitoring and cancer services. The first two are evidence-free statements, as we pointed out.

On January 24th, Esther McVey MP asked whether the His Majesty’s Government was investigating or was planning to do so and received an evasive answer from the Minister citing the usual F Word (flu) and C Word (Covid) plus some waffle.

Now Lord Strathcarron has asked the same question and received an answer from Lord Markham.

Or did he get an answer? He got a reply and more waffle about the F and C words. The Government seems quite happy to let things run their course.

But there is no need to worry – apart from this slight problem with deaths – the Government is keeping an eye on your health, have no fear. And it does not need to investigate as there are a variety of folks (we’re not sure if this includes us) producing “diverse estimates” with various methods.

Oh, by the way: F and C have been nose-diving for some time after a steep upward and downward trajectory. But not so excess non-Covid mortality, which we’ve been writing about since August when we launched our Substack and pointed out we have reached the point for triggering a causal investigation. Nothing has changed our concern.

Dr. Carl Heneghan is the Oxford Professor of Evidence Based Medicine and Dr. Tom Jefferson is an epidemiologist based in Rome who works with Professor Heneghan on the Cochrane Collaboration. This article was first published on their Substack blog, Trust The Evidence, which you can subscribe to here.

Stop Press: The ONS reports today another 1,377 excess deaths above the pre-pandemic average in the week ending January 27th 2023. However, because the report now includes the figures from 2021 in the five-year average, the official excess figure is reduced to just 259. Magic!


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