What Is A Smart City Never Mind A 15 Minute Smart City & Do You Want to Live In One ?


Jan 7 2023

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1. What Is A Smart City Never Mind A 15 Minute Smart City & Do You Want to Live In One ? If you are happy to be surveilled 24/7 then this thread probably isn’t for you. If on the other hand… New 🧵 1/39

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If you are happy to be surveilled 24/7 then this article probably isn’t for you. If on the other hand…

Who better to ask for a definition of what a smart city is than from the horses mouth, the WEF. Before you read it, notice that the article was originally published on the World Bank website who are a WEF member.


A Smart city is basically a “Digital Gulag”. Let me explain

When you see internet of things (IOT), data, AI & blockchain mentioned in 1 sentence it can be translated as surveillance, social credit scores & digital currencies, no matter how they dress it up. Basically a prison.

But how long have the idea of smart cities been around for ? In planning for decades but in actual fact the first mention of smart cities on the WEF site can be traced back to 2016 in an article called

“4 ways smart cities will make our lives better”

The internet of things, smart phones and sensors are central to its success.

In the article they also say “material and assets” will be tracked. Who or what are this “material assets” ?

We (humans) are the “material and assets” that will be tracked


This has been planned globally for a good while. In 2016 the WEF published a white paper called Reforms to Accelerate the Development of India’s Smart Cities

2 years later in 2018 they posted the following image from their Twitter account. Notice the drones, electric transport, smart roads, rooftop wind turbines. It is all Agenda 2030 driven, with climate change & sustainability being key.

World Economic Forum @wef

Smart #cities have an opportunity to become far more inclusive #urbanisation wef.ch/2LBy81A


3:00 AM ∙ Jun 26, 2018


In 2020 the WEF & G20 entered an alliance called the Global Smart Cities Alliance (GSCA). The WEF say

“Our Alliance is creating smart city governance”

They have given the game away by using the word governance. What they actually mean is “control”


The 2 minute WEF video explaining the G20 GSCA is revealing. They key word that keeps on popping up is data. They sell the concept whilst “protecting your data” when in actual fact it is the complete opposite.

By having your data tracked everywhere you travel, everything you do can be tracked by your mobile phone. You can also expect 5G everywhere and facial recognition as standard in the smart cities of the future.

In 2021 the WEF gave an example of a custom built smart city in Toyota, Japan. Naturally, they deleted the page. Here it is from the WaybackMachine.

The 2 minute video gives a good explanation.


Here is what you can expect. Self-driving cars and robots.

3 types of streets: one for pedestrians, one for bikes and scooters and one for self-driving automated vehicles. Shuttles will deliver goods and robots will be everywhere.

Nothing dystopic about that at all.

Interestingly out of the 36 cities that are being used as test beds for smart cities the one which has caused the most ripples recently on social media is Oxford (which isn’t one of the 36)


The smart city concept has now morphed into 15 min cities. What is a 15 min city ?

Every city will be split up into sectors. Within 15 mins by bike or walking there will be shops, bars, gyms, gp practices, schools etc.

You won’t need or be able to leave without permission.

This will also mean reducing carbon footprints as there will be less cars on the roads.

Sounds great doesn’t it ? It also sounds like it would be very easy to lock people down. Now where we have seen that before. Let’s rewind 2 years.

Think back to 2020/2021 where people spent their life within 1 to 5 square miles of their home. Looking back & with what we know now, this was nothing to do with a pandemic or public health – it was psychological preparation for “15 minute cities”.

Oxford council has announced that it’s going to break up Oxford into 15-minute communities or 6 zones. Under this proposal you can’t leave your 15-minute city in a car more than 100 times a year or you’re fined.

Cameras will be filming number plates to ensure compliance.

Pelham @Resist_05

Under the guise of climate change you will no longer be able to travel more then 15 minutes in the city you live… “You’ll do nothing, and you’ll be happy”

10:23 AM ∙ Jan 2, 2023


It is simply another name for lockdowns except this time they will be “climate lockdowns”. If you watched the Hunger Games then you will remember that everywhere was broken up into districts. This is the exact same.

Undoubtedly council members will have extra “passes”. Travel now while you can because it will solely be a luxury for the elites in the near future.

The founder of the term “smart cities” called “climate lockdowns” fake news. That’s when you know it is true.

They are giving us The Hunger Games and telling us it’s good for us! Oxford is not the only “15 minute city”, but is a pilot scheme with a planned national and international roll-out.

Canterbury is also on the hit list in the UK.

Maynooth University (NUI) in Ireland is the brains behind Irish smart cities. They are working hand in hand with the All Ireland Smart Cities Forum.

Isn’t it funny how their logo looks similar in shape to the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

Maynooth University (NUI) held a conference back in 2016 with a workshop entitled “Creating Smart Cities”. One of the slides was called surveilling the “smart city”

John Lynch @johnlync

Day two at “Creating Smart Cities” workshop NUI Maynooth.


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In 2017 Jamie Cudden, Smart City Programme Manager on Dublin City council gave a talk on 20+ Smart City Use Cases in 15 minutes (ironic title). The first slide was yet again all about data. Here are just some of the 20 uses and the comments he made when presenting them.

Real Time Passenger Information where he says “opening that information out to the likes of Google and AI”

Smart Bins “you can put sensors on the bins to count the amount of people in the area, you can also put wifi hotspots in the bin”

Smart Street Lights “what you can do with these in terms of connectivity, comms, sensors, cameras, there is huge opportunities”

Smart Stadiums “using a stadium as a microcosm for a smart city” (I will come back to this later)

Smart Parking “we can put an optical sensor in parking bays and in street lights to scan up and down the road as well as using them for CO2 emissions” as well as “no need to use cash meters”

EV charging & Car Sharing “great if you don’t want to own a car

Car Pooling & Autonomous Vehicles “transforming how people use and share trips and how that feeds into the future of autonomous vehicles”

Bike Sharing “transformed the whole idea of the sharing economy in cities” and “in Chinese cities it is a billion dollar industry where you can put a GPS chip and smart lock on the bike”

Have you seen enough yet ? If you are living in a city you will have seen many of these already operational. Maybe before you thought they were all great ideas. But once we start joining up the dots it all comes back to data and surveillance.

The same Jamie Cudden was the moderator of an event in 2022 called Sustainable Cities & Enabling Technologies. The Keynote Speech was given by Alice Charles who is also in WEF. Cristina Martinez, the other speaker is also a WEF Global shaper.

Earlier I mentioned Smart Stadiums. In 2017 a talk was given about how they were being used as the testing ground for Smart cities. It was titled “Building Smart City Technology Into Smart Stadiums” in collaboration with Intel & Microsoft (WEF)

Croke Park has an 82k capacity. It is a test bed for the Internet of Things (IoT) which will then be rolled out to Smart cities. One of the projects being tested was “crowd behaviour”.

Sound sensors and cameras are everywhere feeding back data on where the crowd “are congregating and why they are congregating” as well as “spotting anti-social behaviour” (his words not mine).

Facial recognition will be added as well.

Sounds very big brother & intrusive. It could never be abused!!

Cities globally are following the Agenda mapped out for them and Dublin is no different.

A big shout out to bigmacandwhys who directed me to the City Edge project based in West Dublin. Dublin council is heavily involved.

Big mac and whys @Bigmacandwhys

@ThreadsIrish Have a look at this: cityedge.ie Seems to be predetermined that it will adhere to the principles of the 15min city.

cityedge.ieThe City Edge Project | A Transformative Initiative for Dublin CityA re-imagining of the Naas Road, Ballymount and Park West with the potential to be one of the largest regeneration projects in Europe.11:18 AM ∙ Jan 2, 2023

Yet again they claim its about housing 75,000 people. However it is really about the mythical zero carbon & sustainability. It is also divided into 5 zones (remember Oxford).

They even spell it out in their project vision which is based on the 15 minute principle

Sadly, the next generation are already being indoctrinated about smart cities. Jonathan Reichental and author of Smart Cities for Dummies wrote 2 books for kids called “Exploring Smart Cities” and “Exploring Cities” Bedtime Rhymes.

The brilliant Patrick Wood sums it up best when he says

“Traditional urban planners seek to build functional cities that work for people, whereas smart city planners build functional cities focused on controlling people”

The next time you hear the term “smart city” just replace it with “data, surveillance and control”

Smart villages are in the pipeline and will follow

The reality is there is nothing smart about them whatsoever. They are just another spoke on the wheel of Agenda 2030 which people need to wake up to.

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Threads 🧵 Irish @ThreadsIrish

1. What Is A Smart City Never Mind A 15 Minute Smart City & Do You Want to Live In One ? If you are happy to be surveilled 24/7 then this thread probably isn’t for you. If on the other hand… New 🧵 1/39


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One thought on “What Is A Smart City Never Mind A 15 Minute Smart City & Do You Want to Live In One ?

  1. The fifteen minute city is another one of those ‘Emperor’s New Clothes’ scams, designed by clods and retards. What is proposed is, in reality, unattainable. What you will end up with is an unserviced fifteen minute detention dormitory, which serves no purpose other than to control the population.

    In theory, the fifteen minute city will have to contain all housing, industry, commercial and institutional facilities to be able to service the population within that area. And every fifteen minute city area will have to duplicate those features. How many fifteen minute areas will there be in a city, e.g. Sydney or Perth (which is 100km north to south)? How many people will actually fit into a fifteen minute city? And who will pay for the duplication of all these services? Will there be sufficient skilled workers in those areas to provide all the services required?

    When one starts to ask detailed questions about these proposals, the more ridiculous and unworkable the whole idea becomes. Everything is fantasy and the wet dream of control-freak globalists.

    However, the greatest failing is the ‘Catch-22’ situation they have created for themselves. The fifteen minute city is predicated on a constant, stable electricity supply. The ‘Net Zero’ plans by the same ‘geniuses’ intend to replace the constant, stable electricity supply (courtesy of fossil fuels and gas) with unreliable ‘green’ wind and solar electricity, production of which is nowhere near enough, and storage of which in any useful amount, has yet to be designed, built and proven. In other words, they will not have the power to implement their fifteen minute cities, and if they do, it will be intermittent. Hardly a brave new world!

    It appears that ‘Net Zero’ refers not only to the desired objective of carbon dioxide emissions, but also to the intelligence level of the proponents of these schemes.

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