HOLODOMOR 2023: Media sounds alarm over shooter sabotage of power substation in North Carolina; says nothing about government sabotage of food, farms, fertilizer and fuel

Tuesday, December 06, 2022 by: Mike Adams
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Image: HOLODOMOR 2023: Media sounds alarm over shooter sabotage of power substation in North Carolina; says nothing about government sabotage of food, farms, fertilizer and fuel

(Natural News) Sabotage of infrastructure that serves human communities is always wrong. When two power substations in North Carolina were reportedly taken down by gunfire in an apparent “criminal act,” the establishment media went to work condemning that act. The gunfire caused “damage that could take days to repair and leaving tens of thousands of people without electricity,” reported the Associated Press, and most establishment media outlets echoed the sentiment.

Yet the Associated Press had no condemnation for Joe Biden shutting down oil pipelines and drilling permits that ultimately provide energy resources for hundreds of millions of Americans. Similarly, there is no establishment media outlet condemning the seizure of 3,000 farms by the government of The Netherlands. In all, reports PeterSweden, as many as 11,200 farms may be forced to shut down in The Netherlands in order to meet so-called “climate goals.”

This is critical food infrastructure that feeds families across Europe and around the world. It is not a trivial thing to start dismantling thousands of farms upon which millions of people depend.

When governments sabotage farms, media outlets celebrate the destruction

The dismantling of food and energy infrastructure is widely celebrated — not condemned — by the legacy media in thousands of stories urging compliance with “climate goals.” While we condemn all acts of sabotage against infrastructure, it begs the obvious question: Why isn’t the media also celebrating the North Carolina power substation attack as another milestone toward achieving much-touted “climate goals?”

It’s a serious question. These “climate goals,” as more and more people are discovering, really mean shutting down the infrastructure of modern society and plunging the world’s western nations into darkness and scarcity. We are constantly being lectured by the media about how using food or energy is a horrible thing, and how the only way to be “green” is to essentially stop using air conditioning, driving vehicles or consuming meat products, among other similar demands.

As I reported yesterday on Substack.com, German farmers have been ordered to slash nitrogen fertilizer usage in order to comply with “green” demands from the EU. The irony isn’t lost on anyone paying attention, since nitrogen is food for green plants, and slashing nitrogen use on food crops will obviously result in plummeting crop yields, food scarcity and price inflation at grocery stores.

Somehow, the “green” movement has become anti-plant. As if green plants are the enemy of planet Earth… an absurd conjecture that could only come from those who are scientifically illiterate about atmospheric chemistry, photosynthesis and the basics of botany.


European governments, controlled by “green” interests, are sabotage agents for infrastructure that keeps humanity warm and fed

Right now, Europeans are facing a potentially catastrophic winter, absent the usual energy abundance that previously provided affordable heat, electricity and nitrogen fertilizer production via the Haber-Bosch process: hydrocarbons (H) + atmospheric nitrogen (N) = ammonia (NH3), the precursor to nitrogen-based fertilizers that grow the very crops that feed half the world’s population.

Nitrogen from the atmosphere is combined with hydrocarbons from natural gas to create ammonia, the precursor to nitrogen fertilizers. This process consumes hydrocarbons as feed stock as well as using energy to achieve the high pressures necessary for the chemical reaction to occur.

What’s astonishing is that Europe has an abundance of natural energy resources right under its feet yet lacks the political fortitude to oppose the greens and tap into the resources they already possess. They are sitting on an energy goldmine, so to speak, yet somehow facing very real starvation, freezing and agricultural collapse in the spring due to lack of domestic fertilizer production.

This is all the result of deliberate government sabotage of Europe’s domestic energy infrastructureSabotage, in essence.

They didn’t sabotage the infrastructure with rifle fire like is alleged in North Carolina. Instead, they sabotaged it with government policy.

Yet the result is the same: Lights out. Sky-high prices for electricity. Businesses shuttered (including glass makersmetals smelters and more). Accelerating poverty and people eating dog food heated with candles.

The realization here should be frightening: Both governments and establishment media are not actually opposed to sabotage of the infrastructure; they merely want to control the sabotage so that it suits their goals.

If a terrorist group destroyed 3,000 farms in The Netherlands, there would be a global outcry about violence against farms and farmers. But when the Dutch government destroys 3,000 farms, suddenly it is acceptable to the powers that be because, well, “green” logic.

Farms are bad, we’re told. Fossil fuel is bad. Diesel fuel is bad. Hamburgers are bad. Nitrogen is bad and fertilizer is bad. Yet these are the very things that keep humanity from going hungry, and if you lose them due to government policy sabotage, literally billions of people will starve to death.

It is impossible to deny that the very governments running these sabotage operations are somehow not aware of the ramifications of their takedowns of food, energy and fertilizer. They know exactly what they are doing, and they are fully aware of what this will cause: Social upheaval, riots and desperation.

The real question, then, is not why these governments are deliberately destroying the food and energy supplies of western nations; the larger question is why do they want civil unrest, riots and desperation?

A recipe for social disaster

Because that’s the recipe they’re running right now. If you want to bake a cake, you whip together eggs, wheat and sugar. If you want to cause civil unrest and riots, you take down the power and food infrastructure by shuttering farms, pipelines and fossil fuels. They are following a recipe to “bake in” exactly the outcome they desire.

Sabotage against infrastructure, carried out by governments, is the weaponization of food scarcity — a tactic that has been pursued many times throughout history, most notably in the Holodomor of Ukraine, where Soviet leaders deliberately starved millions of Ukrainians to death in the 1930s, primarily to suppress an ethnic group whose politics opposed those of the Soviet empire at the time. As described at Holodomor.ca:

This assault occurred in the context of a campaign of intimidation and arrests of Ukrainian intellectuals, writers, artists, religious leaders, and political cadres, who were seen as a threat to Soviet ideological and state-building aspirations.

Sound familiar? Western governments, rife with corruption and fiscal fraud, have come to realize that they’ve lost the consent of the people over whom they claim to rule. The people no longer want to suffer under corruption, money printing, food inflation, scarcity, mask mandates, lockdowns and uncertainty. Accordingly, many western governments now see their own people as their enemy, and they are resorting to genocidal tactics to terrorize or eliminate these populations by any means available.

The German government, in just the last few days, has officially recognized the historical Holodomor as “genocide,” reports Euronews. Yet that same German government fails to recognize its ongoing genocide against its own people via sabotage of its domestic energy infrastructure, all carried out to appease the “greens” in this case, rather than to appease the Soviets.

We are living through a modern-day Holodomor, and it is being carried out by the United States, Canada, the UK, Germany, France, Australia, New Zealand and other western nations, all of whom are deliberately sabotaging food, farms, energy, fertilizer and other key infrastructure that’s required to produce and distribute food. Their absurd excuse that they are merely “transitioning” us to wind power, solar power and electric vehicles is absurd from the outset. Wind and solar energy can’t scale on demand (like coal and nuclear power can), and there still isn’t any viable technology for the affordable mass storage of green energy for later use. Electric vehicles are an ecological net minus, given the extreme water usage and pollution tied to lithium mining, as well as the limited driving range and costly battery replacements required for such vehicles after just a few years of use.

Furthermore, there are no battery-powered tractors or agricultural machinery in existence other than golf-cart sized hobby tractors that produce nothing. To achieve 100+ horsepower at the PTO (Power Take Off) on a tractor, you need a combustion engine burning diesel fuel. No diesel means no tractors, and no tractors means no farms and no food. Any war against fossil fuels is a war against the food supply.

A modern-day Holodomor is upon us

Those who hope to live through this engineered famine would be wise to recognize the modern Holodomor as it’s unfolding and plan accordingly. Many experts I’ve interviewed — such as David DuByne, see a recent interview here — agree that the food infrastructure sabotage already carried out by western governments will require many years to resolve. This means we won’t see food restored to abundance and affordability until at least 2025, and that’s only if we change course now and stop the ongoing government sabotage of farms, fossil fuels and fertilizers.

So far, there are no signs that any western government has any real interest in doing that, which means there is much suffering ahead for citizens of Europe, North America, Australia and other countries. Food scarcity and price inflation are going to get much, much worse for the next couple of years.

Under Joe Biden, a person could reasonably argue, the actions of the federal government now resemble those of the former Soviet Union which vehemently denied that the Holodomor even took place. Remember this when a White House spokesperson tells you there’s no inflation, no food shortages and no problem with diesel fuel or supply chains. Ask the moms across America if they can readily source infant formula at local retailers (hint: they can’t). Or ask pharmacists about the 124 prescription drugs the FDA says are nearly wiped out from the supply chain. These include common drugs like Tylenol and amoxicillin, by the way.

Ask truckers about diesel fuel supply shortages, or ask rail workers about why they’re about to go on strike and bring the nation’s transportation infrastructure to a halt. You might even ask Mississippi River barge pilots about the logjams and piles of beans collecting on the banks along the river as transportation capacity struggles to meet demand.

Across North America, Europe and other continents, food scarcity and food inflation are worsening by the day. These observable events have a cause, and that cause is deliberate government sabotage of food and energy infrastructure.

The FBI is investigating the possible shooters in North Carolina to find out who took out the power substations there. Yet nobody from the FBI, DOJ, DHS or mainstream media is investigating the deliberate government sabotage of food and energy infrastructure that will plunge hundreds of millions of people into poverty, starvation and desperation if we don’t change course immediately.

Because when rogue individuals carry out sabotage, it’s called terrorism. But when the government carries out sabotage, it’s called “policy.”



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