EXCESS MORTALITY: Over 2400 Americans are DYING each day following vaccine mandates… Ed Dowd unveils alarming, evidence-based data

Wednesday, November 16, 2022 by: Mike Adams
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Image: EXCESS MORTALITY: Over 2400 Americans are DYING each day following vaccine mandates… Ed Dowd unveils alarming, evidence-based data

(Natural News) Today we feature an interview with Ed Dowd, author of Unknown Causes: The Epidemic of Sudden Deaths in 2021 & 2022. Ed Dowd, along with his team of analysts, has assembled the most comprehensive and compelling data revealing excess mortality following the introduction of covid vaccines. His website where some of these results are presented is TheyLiedPeopleDied.com.

Ed Dowd is also head of The Humanity Project found at this link:

Today he joins me in an interview to discuss his findings, warning that sooner or later, the medical and scientific community will be unable to ignore the fact that over 2,400 Americans are dying each day — almost certainly from vaccines — which comes to about 900,000 Americans killed in a year.

Here’s just one chart from Ed Dowd that shows excess deaths following the introduction of covid-19 “vaccines” (experimental mRNA injections):

Across the population, Ed Dowd explains in the interview, excess mortality is running about 32%. Around 7,700 Americans routinely die each day, and 32% of that comes to 2,400+ deaths per day. That’s only counting America. Global deaths are, of course, far higher.

Credible estimates of global deaths from covid-19 vaccines have been compiled by other analysts and experts, and they claim that at least 20 million people have already been killed worldwide from covid-19 vaccines, making the scale of this “vaccine holocaust” more than triple the size of the historical Holocaust atrocity.

If you want to watch the interview with Ed Dowd, here’s the standalone interview video:



Trump announces a run for the presidency; Texas Gov. Abbott declares an “invasion”

Also in today’s hard-hitting podcast, we cover President Trump’s announcement for 2024, Texas Gov. Abbott’s declaration of a border invasion, Sen. Minority Leader Mitch McConnell taking millions of dollars from FTX (the collapsed crypto money laundering scam), and new details on how Google rigged the midterm elections with selective displaying of “get out and vote” messages (hint: Only Democrats saw the reminder.)

Here’s the full index of what’s covered today:

– US House of Representatives captured by Republicans
– We must PRESSURE GOP to lead multiple investigations
– Trump announces run for presidency
– Civil war in the GOP pits Trumpians vs. anti-Trumpers (RINOs)
– DeSantis seems increasingly surrounded by RINOs
– Kari Lake willing to FIGHT for honest elections, isn’t surrendering
– Mitch McConnell took millions from FTX, then pulled ad money from Senate races
– How Google rigged the midterms by selectively encouarging Dems to “get out and vote”
– Texas Gov. Abbott declares INVASION, invokes anti-terrorism powers
– Poland claims missile strike, Zelensky tries to start World War III
– Crypto contagion spreads to BlockFi, Liquid and more to come
– Excess mortality hits 32% across general population, following covid “vaccine”
– That’s over 2,400 people dying per DAY in USA, 900K Americans dead PER YEAR
– 63% drop in live births in Australia as vaccine infertility kicks in
– Biden demands another $37 BILLION for Ukraine – where is it all going?
– Food inflation: Heinz ketchup soars 53%
– Third rail union rejects agreement, nationwide rail strike looms
– 4-year-old boy, face of vaccine propaganda in Argentina, dies suddenly
– Reuters parrots depopulation pushers, warns 8 billion people is too many
– Interview with Ed Dowd

Brighteon: Brighteon.com/9d5de9c7-e9da-45ba-b026-9e048dc69353

Rumble: Rumble.com/v1uxlb4-situation-update-111622-trump-announces-run-texas-declares-invasion….html

Bitchute: Bitchute.com/video/fLa3chUria7c/

Banned.Video: Banned.video/watch?id=637503fc0f75fc3deb6f5a8e

iTunes podcast: Healthrangerreport.com/situation-update-nov-16-2022-trump-announces-run-texas-declares-invasion-ed-dowd-details-vaccine-mortality




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