Megyn Kelly Interviews RFK, Jr.: How Pfizer Killed the Vaccine Safety Commission + More


In a two-hour conversation last week, Megyn Kelly, a journalist, lawyer and political commentator, and Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., discussed a wide range of topics including censorship and how Pfizer’s $1 million donation to former President Trump killed Trump’s vaccine safety commission.


Suzanne Burdick, Ph.D.

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In a two-hour conversation last week, Megyn Kelly, a journalist, lawyer and political commentator, and Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., discussed a wide range of topics, including how much has changed — with regard to COVID-19 vaccines, schools and masking —  since Kelly first interviewed Kennedy in March.

One of the topics they hit on was censorship — specifically, how Dr. Scott Gottlieb, a former U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) official who is a director at Pfizer — was likely instrumental in getting Twitter to censor Alex Berenson for questioning the government’s official COVID-19 narrative.

Berenson, a former New York Times journalist and author, recently revealed that Scott Gottlieb “secretly pressed” Twitter to censor him days before Twitter suspended his account last year.

“So here you have a Pfizer director running cover for [Dr. Anthony] Fauci,” Kelly said, adding that Gottlieb is “just one example” of former government regulators who “miraculously wind up at Big Pharma getting big paychecks right after they leave” their government jobs.

“This system is corrupt and it leads to disinformation,” she added.

Kennedy, chairman of the board and chief legal counsel for Children’s Health Defense, agreed — and then he told Kelly a larger part of the story about Gottlieb’s ties to the pharmaceutical industry’s attempts to prevent cogent information from reaching the public about vaccines.

In January 2017, Kennedy was asked by then-president Trump to run a vaccine safety commission, he said.

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Kennedy agreed to head the commission to “make sure the right studies were being done to make sure that each vaccine was actually working” by conducting control studies — “the same studies that are required for every other medication.”

But when it was announced that Kennedy would lead the vaccine safety commission, “there was panic throughout the industry and the public health regulatory agencies,” he said.

Next, came a financial power play.

Pfizer made a $1 million contribution to Trump, Kennedy told Kelly, after which Trump appointed two people “hand-picked by Pfizer” as top officials for the government’s health regulatory agencies.

Those two people were Alex Azar, to run the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS), and Gottlieb to run the FDA.

Both Azar and Gottlieb had executive ties to Big Pharma. That signaled the premature death of the control studies on vaccines.

“They killed the vaccine safety commission,” Kennedy said. “I don’t know exactly how it happened, but as soon as those guys got in there they stopped answering our calls or communicating with us.”

Kelly said Gottlieb dodged tough questions when she interviewed him earlier on her show about COVID-19 masking policies for children, telling her team after the interview, “I’m a respected authority, you know.”

“It’s like, ‘oh, okay … but that doesn’t give you a pass on tough questions,’” Kelly said.

Kennedy and Kelly covered a host of other topics relating to public policy, politics and children’s health.

Here are some of the highlights:

  • 6:25: U.S. founders thought that “the free flow of information annealedin the furnace of debate would yield the most beneficial public policies.”
  • 7:31: The U.S. Bill of Rights was “plowed under” during the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • 10:54: COVID-19 countermeasures “were a war on the poor” as Kennedy explained in his latest book, “A Letter to Liberals.”
  • 11:26: Children lost 22 IQ points during the pandemic.
  • 22:07: Injuries related to COVID-19 vaccination are real, with a particular risk of myocarditis in men ages 16-24.
  • 25:40: Pfizer and Moderna don’t want to release data on the comorbidities and ages of participants in their clinical trials. “It’s troubling that the FDA has intervened on behalf of Pfizer to say ‘we don’t want anybody to see this data for 75 years,’” Kennedy said.
  • 42:01: “It’s hard to come up with exact numbers” regarding COVID-19 because of the U.S. government’s obfuscation of vaccine-related data.
  • 43:52: Other countries, such as SingaporeJapan and the U.K., are producing quality COVID-19 data.
  • 44:16: Recent studies are showing “antibody-dependent enhancement” in individuals who received COVID-19 vaccines.
  • 45:53: The official data do not count individuals as “vaccinated” until two weeks after the second shot, so deaths that occur prior to that are attributed as “unvaccinated.”
  • 51:31: Fauci’s agency, the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, owns 50% of the Moderna COVID-19 vaccine and gets royalties from its sales.
  • 57:32: Alex Berenson revealed Scott Gottlieb was instrumental in getting him banned from Twitter.
  • 1:03:58: Dr. Joseph Ladapo, surgeon general of Florida, is “frustrated with the lack of honesty coming from the vaccine companies,” and was also censored by Twitter.
  • 1:06:10: Ladapo is a “problem” for Democrats because he’s “very courageous and he’s very credible.”
  • 1:09:52: The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s (CDC) Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System, or VAERS, is broken.
  • 1:10:42: A Harvard three-year study concluded that VAERS collected fewer than 1% of vaccine injuries.
  • 1:12:11: The CDC “ran away” when presented with a new, effective solution for tracking vaccine-related injuries.
  • 1:15:25: Opinions of the American Academy of Pediatrics “have nothing to do with public health but have to do with pharmaceutical profits and promoting the pharmaceutical paradigm.”
  • 1:23:00: It took many years for Kennedy to “get a more expansive view” about what’s happening with Big Pharma’s impact on children’s health, so he doesn’t expect members of his own family “who don’t have the time to make this kind of exploration” to believe him.
  • 1:24:02: Kennedy does not hold it against them but invites a “congenial, respectful debate” that focuses on the science and stays away from ad hominem attacks.
  • 1:24:45: He said he is not hard-headed about his worldview and is open to changing his opinions based on “new factual inputs” and someone showing him where he was mistaken.
  • 1:25:09: They discussed Kennedy’s opinions of Trump and how Trump’s approach to politics differed from that of Kennedy’s father.
  • 1:37:51: The war in Ukraine is a complicated issue that Kennedy’s family debates at the dinner table.
  • 1:38:11: Kennedy’s 26-year-old son joined the Foreign Legion and has been fighting in Ukraine.
  • 1:42:38: President Eisenhower gave “probably the most important speech in American history” warning the American public about the rise of the military-industrial complex and how it would subdue and destroy American democracy.

Kelly and Kennedy concluded their conversation by discussing past U.S. political figures and global politics.

Watch the full interview here:

The views and opinions expressed in this article are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the views of Children’s Health Defense.


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