Help Wanted Analyzing WHO Public Comments

The WHO has just published the 33,884 public comments that they received back in April 2022. Please download the comments and help us expose and analyze what “We the People” said.

James Roguski

Sep 28 2022

The Intergovernmental Negotiating Body finally published the written public comments that they received back in April, 2022.

To download the written comments, CLICK HERE and scroll down until you see the following…

I humbly request the assistance of everyone who reads this article to download the Excel file (5.4MB) and read through the submissions.

Please extract your favorite “public comments” from the Excel file and post them in the comments to this substack article. Be sure to include the number that is associated with the comment (see below).

NOTE: The Excel spreadsheet may appear to be empty/blank, but it does contain over 33,000 comments. The comments are located in columns A and B.

Some people have commented that they were unable to download the Excel file from the WHO, so I saved it as a PDF. Unfortunately, it did not include the comment number. The size of the font in the PDF is very small, but you should be able to enlarge the PDF in order to read it comfortably. I hope that this PDF will help those who are unable to download the Excel file.

Inb First Round Public Hearings Written Contributions

30.3MB ∙ PDF File




1. Human rights are inalienable. Governments may not suspend human rights because of “emergencies.”

2. The rights of nations, states, provinces, groups and organizations are subservient to inalienable human rights.

3. The right to try is an inalienable right. Bureaucrats do not have the right to deny potentially life-saving medications to anyone.

4. Bodily autonomy is sacrosanct and must ALWAYS be respected. The right to refuse treatment is an inalienable right.

5. Vaccine status cannot be used to restrict people’s inalienable right to travel, work, seek education or gain access to public spaces or businesses.

6. Lockdowns and/or quarantines of healthy people are wrong.

7. We demand complete transparency. All depersonalized data from all clinical studies should be immediately available to everyone in real time.

8. Everyone has the right to their own opinion. All human beings have the inalienable right to speak their mind in public.

9. All manufacturers, distributors and administrators of health care products and/or procedures must be held liable for any and all damages caused by their products and services.

10. People must have the right to vote to end states of emergency


“I don’t believe that the treaty should exist.

The idea of a global response to a disease or illness of any sort is not rational. The spread, symptoms and consequences of a disease are affected by local conditions, customs, culture, genetics and other factors. A single response is not sensible.

The intention of this treaty would appear to be an attempt to push inadequately tested vaccines onto the global population on behalf of pharmaceutical companies and globalist interests for perverse reasons. In the case of the Covid 19 pandemic this has been proved to be pretty disastrous for the population of the world. There have been multiple studies showing that the outcomes of vaccination with the mRNA shots are far worse than any benefits they provide and, no one knows what the long term outcomes will be. The whole rollout was irresponsible and ill considered.

The WHO has not shown itself to be a trustworthy organisation in regards to the pandemic. The messaging has been mixed and unreliable. The policies promoted by the WHO have resulted in much societal damage in terms of physical health, mental health and economic health. The only beneficiaries of the treaty would be big pharma and those who wield the global power the treaty would provide.

The fact that the question you ask assumes the outcome is in itself very troubling!”


“I don’t believe there needs to be international instruments in a pandemic response. This is becoming a greater threat to people’s privacy, freedom and livelihoods.

Large scale global protests have shown your measures are not welcome. People must be given their freedom and ability to choose back. The way this has been handled by a vast majority of world leaders and “”experts”” has been absolutely appalling”


I don’t believe we need a world pandemic treaty, handing this power to one organisation without dialogue and open debate is a recipe for disaster. The current vaccines that have been rolled out worldwide were rushed through and have been a disaster in the harm that has been caused. Human, national and sovereign rights should be retained and informed consent needs to be respected. There is no one health policy that fits all. No one can seriously ignore the harm that has been caused already with the way the vaccines rolled out have harmed society. There needs to more distributed accountability not an overarching treaty


“I don’t like any broad organisation make decision for my health by providing rules for my government to follow. I had 2 people died of remdesivir during covid pandemic.”


I don’t want any treaty which can suspend our constitutions and our rights. I don’t want any ID or passport. We have to take care of people without robbing their freedom.


I feel that health decisions should be made by each country based on their circumstances in any kind of health crisis. I think the WHO should act in a non-compulsory, advisory manner only. Thank you.


“I feel very strongly that the individuals and families should be allowed to make their own decisions for health care. The “”state”” and world organizations should not be allowed to control personal health decisions.

Individual countries and states should not allow their decisions to be made by some other entity.”


“I find it very important that all measures recommended by the WHO are not mandatory for the countries.

The WHO should only be an adviser.

National governments must have the right to make decisions based on what is best for their own people.

An open and transparent scientific debate should always be part of the finding process of measures and

it should not allow for influence by any company or profiteer.

All measures should be based on the principle that human dignity is inviolable.”


I fundamentally reject any attempt to remove public health from the national democratic process and hand it over to an unelected supranational entity such as the WHO who are majority funded by unelected and unaccountable billionares who will directly profit from the expansion of a global governance model in public health. Health care is one of the most private and personal areas of life and as such requires any oversite to be on a local not international level as this globalist approach will only result in one size fits all approaches which will leave the majority of the human race at the mercy of unscrupulous, avaricious big buisness. The WHO does not now and will never speak for me or for anyone who knows that health and vitality come from nature not the lab. Pharmaceutical manufacturers and their share holders are not the King’s of this world and all their money will not be allowed to buy them our rights to bodily autonomy and freedom of choice in health care.


“I have faith in WHO and on the surface it would appeal to many people of many nations, however it seems opportunity for debate is restricted when a monopoly is granted to one organisation.

I would therefore, oppose WHO being granted sole rights to control world medical practices of any kind.

Thank you”


“I have to begin by saying that, in the light of the hardships caused by lockdown and the use of police state tactics to enforce mask mandates in countries like France and Australia as well as the WHO ignoring its own statistician John P A Ioannidis who repeatedly stated in monthly bulletins that covid had a global infection to death rate of ~0.05% (less than flu) that:

1.National and local leadership retain full autonomy, reserving the right to make decisions based on what is best for their own people.

2.The ability of nations and local municipalities to opt out of any and all portions of the agreement as they see fit, without consequence.

3.An open and transparent process with the ability for all people of the world to vote on including failsafe measures that will prevent the application of the global agreement in places where a majority of the people do not want it.

4.Measures that do not allow for influence in the process by any and all pharmaceutical companies or other global health profiteers.”


“I may only be a junior in college, but it is very clear to me how dangerous it is to put decisions like this into the hands of one organization. There needs to be checks and balances in place to make sure there are no hidden agendas in making these decisions. Also, I believe a lot of these decisions should be up to the Individuals and not dictated.”


“I oppose a global pandemic treaty. I do not trust the WHO. How about we stop permitting gain-of-function research in the name of world health?”


“I oppose any new WHO agreements or instruments. I oppose granting any authority or power – legal or otherwise – to the WHO.

The global pandemic response has been a disaster. The WHO has led that disaster. The dissenting voices of Sweden and the Great Barrington Accords were correct. The WHO was wrong. We need open debate to get to the best public policy. I have no faith in the WHO and I see no reason to grant it any authority.”


“I oppose any worldwide blanket responses to pandemics in the form of forced vaccines, lockdowns, mask wearing and other restrictions on the freedom and rights of people. There should be no treaty.”


“I oppose the Pandemic Treaty to be introduced as means of response and preparedness to pandemics. I, as a citizen, do not agree for this treaty to be signed into global law. I do not agree that WHO dictate what substances should be injected into my body without my consent. WHO was not elected by people, and as a private organization living from private donations with an agenda I do not trust that it will work in peoples best interest. I have no trust at all in WHO, whose leader is a man that should be spending his life behind bars for crimes against humanity. NO to pandemic treaty!”


“I oppose the proposed treaty

1 WHO did not cover itself in glory during the early days of the pandemic, being overly influenced by China. How would we ensure that did not happen again?

2 It is essential that individual countries be free to opt out of any measures proposed.

3 Sweden (and others) demonstrated that non coercive measures (in line with previous pandemic plans) worked just as well or as badly as formal stay at home orders.”


“I personally believe the WHO has no actual interest in public health. If it did, it would have listened to the scientists who have been trying to communicate with the authorities for the last 2 years that, if there is a virus it is no more lethal than the common flu.

I stand in support of the World Council for Health’s open letter to the WHO:

And call that you stand down now.”


“I propose the People’s Treaty.


To Preserve Our Health Related Human Rights

Governments do not get to suspend human rights because of “emergencies.”

Regardless of the scope and/or severity of any disease outbreak or pandemic, human rights remain inalienable and may not be abridged.

The good of a nation is the sum total of the benefits enjoyed by all its people.

The rights of nations, states, provinces, groups and organizations are subservient to inalienable human rights.

Bureaucrats do not have the right to deny potentially life-saving medications to anyone.

The right to refuse treatment is an inalienable right.

Bodily autonomy is sacrosanct and must ALWAYS be respected.

Discrimination based on medical status is wrong.

Lockdowns and/or quarantines of healthy people are wrong.

We demand complete transparency.

All depersonalized data from all clinical studies should be immediately available to everyone in the world to review in real time.

Everyone has the right to their own opinion.

Every person’s experience is a valuable scientific observation. All human beings have the inalienable right to publicly express their opinion regarding the effectiveness (or lack thereof) of any treatment.

Guilt cannot be legislated or contracted away.

All manufacturers, distributors, sellers and administrators of health care products and/or procedures must be held liable for any and all damages caused by their products and services.

Government officials may start emergencies, but the people must be able to end them.

Speed can be an important factor in reacting to an emergency, but democratic principles demand that “We the People” have the right to determine when we believe the danger has passed.”

-James Roguski


“I quite simply oppose the Treaty. Allowing a single entity to control and implement any kind of regulations and procedures is fundamentally wrong. There is no possible way one single group could possibly know, or understand the beliefs and desires of the world as a whole. If one looks at how different countries approached the whole Covid 19 dilemma, you can see that the world does not agree on how to plan and implement any such strategy.

How does one decide what weight and what demographic gets a voice in the decision making models, and the final decisions? What groups get left out and why?

Allowing a single group to control, regulate and implement on a health treaty is simply put, illegal. With only one entity controlling a world heath approach does not need to be transparent, and would never have thrust of the people they claim to be protecting.

Please continue to gather data, learn from the mistakes we have seen from Covid 19. make recommendations, provide clear legitimate data to the public, be clear on what did not work, own the errors and explain why changes are being recommended. We do not live in a single governing world, we live in a cooperative world. Let us continue that ald learn, and improve the world that way.

Oppose the treaty, in the name of humanity.”


“I reject any international organization that simultaneously covers industry advocacy, in the case of the pandemic, the interests of the pharmaceutical industry. I reject any publicly decreed interference with human integrity and therefore also any restriction of freedom over health, life and death. Human dignity is inviolable!”

ich lehne jede internationale Organisation ab, die gleichzeitig Interessensvertretung der Industrie abdeckt, im Falle der Pandemie die Interessen der Pharmaindustrie. Ich lehne jeden von öffentlicher Hand verordneten Eingriff in die Unversehrtheit des Menschen ab und somit auch jede Einschränkung der Freiheit, über die Gesundheit, Leben und Tod. Die Würde des Menschen ist unantastbar!


“I say NO to any legally binding global pandemic treaty. NO to anyone, any entity, any proposal to use an emergency to gain control over any person or persons.”


“I say no to the treaty You and most western governments were wrong with your guidelines for COVID-19. I do not trust the you or these governments with the authority to set guidelines for future global outbreaks. Thank you for your time.”


“I sincerely believe a real and effective instrument on pandemic response must at all cost be democratic and transparent, made out of a council of every nation’s specially appointed health experts, following a thorough national pandemic plan, and every discussion should be streamed and made available. The WHO can’t and shouldn’t be the sole body in charge of a global response as, beside obvious conflicts of interests due to its funding, WHO alone can’t ever understand the differences between nation states. The failure of lockdowns, that wreak havoc in poor countries, are an example. For this reason there must also be an independent body capable of investigating the process and another, separated, to held legislators and health experts to account in case of bad management, bad practices and corruption. “The only means to fight the plague is honesty” said Camus, and that the way forward to restore and preserve trust by the public in the WHO.”


“I strongly oppose any WHO interference in any pandemic. Recommendations and educating people on the matter can be provided by WHO, but any active interference meaning giving governments obligatory actions to be done on citizens, that is by no means acceptable.”


“I strongly oppose the WHO extending its power to determine the response of sovereign countries in the event of a future pandemic. There should obviously be cooperation and openness between countries in sharing data but the power to impose globally the type of lockdowns seen in China or vaccine mandates must never be granted to the WHO. The funding model of the WHO gives too much influence to parties that may have agendas that are not compatible with individuals rights regarding health.”


“I vehemently oppose this treaty as it infringes constitutional freedom in many countries. I do not agree with forcing lockdowns and vaccination to everyone. People own their body and should not be coerced into someone else’s opinion. Moreover natural immunity is far better than lockdowns.

Some countries make better decisions for their own people using local medicine or recognized medicine that are presently banned in Western countries such as Ivermectin or Hydroxychloroquine in India and South America and far more effective than Remdesivir. 

This treaty would give some authoritarian powers to declare unjustified pandemics, impose dehumanizing lockdowns, enforce expensive, unsafe, and ineffective treatments, and condone censorship and disinformation on treatments that do work.”


“To Whom This May Concern: I do not support a global pandemic response since it removes sovereignty from nation and people. No one group can speak and determine for the whole of humanity. Thank you Esther Sangalli”


“To: The WHO: Citizens of the world have not been consulted or agreed to an WHO Pandemic Accord. We the citizens do not consent. Sincerely, Denise Hamilton”


“Toolbox to share solution, guideline, standard to improve smooth information sharing. Sharing use-case and regularly workshop (maybe once in a quarter) to see each progress and update.”


“Top down management never works. Each nation state is better equipped and CLOSER to the people it purports to protect. leave it that way! No treaty!”


“Totally against this and global control.”


“Totally inappropriate for one organization to have this power to dictate to all the world which comprises totally differing lifestyles, economies, peoples, cultures etc. One size never fits all!”


“Trapping citizens based off of receiving experimental treatments is a slippery slope that will only get worse. The current responses have failed the citizens. More authoritarian responses will not work.”


“Treaties that remove power and discretion from the United States are dangerous to the health and welfare of Americans. Health decisions should stay close to home and and be handled between patient and doctor, even when an emergency exists.”


“Treatments should be restricted to the elderly and those with pre existing conditions. This is the group that should be mostly treated and possibly vaccines if they choose to.”


“Treaty to include: inclusion of guarantees on state and individual sovereignty, respect for human rights, legal liability for government officials and/or pharmaceutical companies”


“Truth, independence from commercial interests, independence from issues not related to health care, national sovereignty, freedom of choice, physical integrity, informed consent, investigation of past mistakes”


“Truthfulness and Transparency.”


“Tyranny is the overarching theme of the world, and we will not stand for it yet again.”


“U killed more people with measures and jabs than virus did”


“Unacceptable and dubious!”


“Under an EUA power should remain with the individual states, never should it be transferred to a global level.”


“Under no circumstance should anybody be forced / mandated to take any form of medicine (injection or oral drug or whatever) he/she doesn’t want to take.”


“Under no circumstances do I approve or give any support to this treaty. Far too many important decisions are being made that affect my daily life by people who haven’t even stepped foot in my country !”


“Under no circumstances do I want the WHO dictating mine and my family’s health decisions. I’m against this treaty.”


“Under no circumstances must this treaty supersede the sovereignty of the individual nations. The at least last ratification of any WHO decision must be taken by the representative organ of the individual member state.”


“Under no circumstances shall the Treaty supersede national law. I request the inclusion legal liability for government officials and pharmaceutical companies who exercising the guidelines of the Treaty.”


“Under no circumstances should a single organization decide, manage or dictate what an individual be forced to do regarding their own body. My body. My choice. No medical IDs. This bill should be scrapped. It violates Nuremberg”


“Under no circumstances should my government or who implement forced medical procedures on any individual without their full consent. This is a personal choice of the individual and should remain so.”


“Under no circumstances should the USA subject itself to any control on medical, social, or personal decisions to the WHO. It has proven itself to be completely corrupt.”


“Under no circumstances should the WHO be in charge of any nation’s Health Care or Pandemic responses. COVID-19 showed the WHO for what it is. A corrupt bureaucracy.”


“Under no circumstances would I agree on these human rights violations!”


“Understand that no entity has jurisdiction over the sovereign rights of individual people to make their own decisions.”


“United States of America has a perfectly good constitution and dos not want or need oversight from WHO. Our healthcare system works good when it is free enterprise. Please stay out of our country.”


“Universal Human Rights MUST be respected: no one should be discriminated against or coerced into Medical Treatments.”


“Unnecessary and a massive overreach – medical choices should be left in the hands of individuals who can weigh the pros and cons for themselves.”

31972, 31973, 31975:

“Urgently required: guarantees of state and individual sovereignty, respect for human rights, legal liability of government officials, pharmaceutical companies and physicians.”


“US Congress must pass any proposal to lock down the United States. WHO is a World Health Organization, affiliated with China and the World Economic Forum and should not have any authority or say so in Locking down AMERICA!!!!!”


“USA should not be controlled by any outside institution especially regarding citizens health. USA will make decisions based on American residents needs during illness eruptions. Thanks anyway.”


“Use the Hospitals, don’t panic, no vaccination obligation, transparent Information, physical impertinence, no lockdown”


“Usurping sovereign nations is a big no from me. You unelected and are funded by questionable organization. Too many red flags and far to much overreach. Thanks but no thanks.”


“Vaccination should stay a personal decision. Mandatory vaccines should be forbidden.”


“Vaccinations and medications must be purchased at cost or at a minimal profit, during pandemic state. I generally oppose an international, mandatory pandemic treaty”


“Vaccine mandates should be forbidden. Any measure adopted must not be allowed to ignore human rights, including the Nuremberg principles. Measures must also take social and economic interests in account.”


“Vaccine passports are discriminatory and should not be used. I am for easier access for all to information, studies, and proper interventions.”


“Vaccine status cannot be used to restrict people’s inalienable right to travel, work, seek education, or gain access to public spaces or businesses. Medical decision making should be the person’s (my) decision, not the government or others.”


“Vaccines should never be mandatory, regardless of the situation. It’s a basic principle of human rights: my body – my choice. If other measures are taken, they must at all times take in account other health interests or potential damages.”


“Vaccines should always be a personal choice and NEVER be mandatory!”


“Vaccinations and medications must be purchased at cost or at a minimal Profit during Pandemic state.”


“Very simply, in my opinion, public health is not a one-size-fits-all program. We need people and communities in control of their own health and I do not agree upon a new international instrument on pandemic preparedness and response.”


“Very important to allow local authorities to have autonomy.”


“Very clearly! Stop with any substantive elements at all”


“Violation of informed consent and censorship were the daily features of the COVID-19 epidemic. These are unethical. The WHO contributed to these unethical practices.”


“Vote NO to a worldwide agreement that conflicts with a community’s sovereignty. Professional recommendations and guidance about responding to a pandemic are beneficial – tyranny is not.”


“Your response to Covid was disgraceful. Every single one of you should be ashamed of what you did. People died because of your actions. We will never know the actual number. Your organization should be shut down today.


“Your sinister globalist agenda has nothing to do with health. You are not democratic agency. I do not trust you, your founders and sponsors. Lucky many people see your true colours now.”


“You have no power here. Decisions for the people should be taken by those that ARE elected. No global pandemic response from your corrupt frauds”

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