I just learned why the Israeli Ministry of Health didn’t share the safety data

After they learned the vaccines were unsafe in March 2022, they said it was simply a manpower/budget issue that they weren’t able to inform the public. I’m serious!

Steve Kirsch

Sep 16 2022

On Sept 2, 2022, I wrote a long article about the medical corruption in Israel that was first exposed by an intrepid Israeli journalist Yaffa Shir-Raz:

Specifically, I found that:

  1. The Israeli Ministry of Health didn’t seriously track any safety data for a year after vaccination (they did have some monitoring but it was a highly dysfunctional system that didn’t yield any useful conclusions)
  2. When a group of scientists hired by the MoH found the vaccines were not nearly as safe as what they were telling people, they completely covered up the report. They didn’t release it or any of the findings.
  3. Dr. Sharon Alroy-Preis misrepresented to the FDA that they were on top of things. It was a mess in reality. Their main way of collecting data was through the Nakhliali system – doctors’ reports which was very cumbersome. There are affidavits from doctors saying it was very difficult to report through this system.
  4. A video of the meeting between the scientists and the Israeli MoH was leaked to the press (Yaffa).
  5. The mainstream press participated in the coverup by not reporting the existence of the leaked video. To date, the biggest press coverage was on GB News.
  6. To date, nobody in Israel has called for an investigation
  7. Most scientists outside of Israel are uninterested in seeing data that disproves the mainstream narrative, including those at the CDC, FDA, and the outside committees of those organizations.

At the time I wrote the article, I thought that the Ministry of Health learned about the safety data being problematic in early June 2022.

It turns out I was wrong. They learned about it in March 2022, 3 months earlier than I thought. I regret the error.

Here’s the video where the Israeli scientists talk about a very detailed slide deck presentation they gave in March to the MoH:

In this video, the safety researchers ask the MoH people why they had not published it yet.

The reply from the MoH: they have a manpower/budget issue.

That makes sense. They spent all the money promoting the vaccines. Now they have no money left to let people know they messed up.

I can help

I just drafted this open letter to the Israeli Ministry of Health:

Hi. Steve Kirsch here. Heard you are having budget/staffing problems. Sorry to hear that. But I think I can help you get the word out. Just send me all the data and I’ll publish it and my followers will promote it. Free of charge! Problem solved.

Please share this with whomever you know at the Israeli Ministry of Health. Or simply post it to their twitter feed. I can’t do this myself because I have two lifetime bans from Twitter for spreading truth. Thanks.


In other news…

Here’s what happens when you search for “Israeli Ministry of Health” on Twitter.

All these posts are interesting. It’s very clear that the public is being misled.

Comment from Bill Rice Jr.

Bill wrote:

At least Israel’s Ministry of Health gave this project to an “outside” expert panel. Did anything similar happen in America with the CDC or NIH? In any other big nations?

See what can happen when you commission outside experts? If you’ve read “The Real Anthony Fauci,” you’ll know that there were several times in Fauci’s career when outside experts didn’t produce the results he and his Big Pharma partners wanted. Fauci was a magician or Machiavelli at silencing, debunking or re-writing these embarrassing reports. He finally learned the most important lesson: Don’t even task or hire anybody to do such “Independent” studies.

Today, I’m sure Fauci is dispensing damage-control advice to his colleagues in Israel.


Someone is on the wrong side of history here and it isn’t me.



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