[September 6, 2022 update: Following a week of controversy over Poornima Wagh’s background and credentials, Dr. Merritt shared her thoughts with Sons of Liberty podcast. We shared the interview part of that podcast episode here. You will also find links to Poornima’s response to questions about her background as well as to the “hit piece” articles. As always, please do your own research, question everything and trust yourself when reading and when giving consideration to anything that appears here or anywhere else.]

[Truth Comes to Light editor’s note: Below we are sharing a recent video by Dr. Lee Merritt wherein she and PhD virologist Poornima Wagh engage in an important and dynamic conversation on the covid hoax, the content of covid vaccines, the fraud within virology, the deception within much of what passes as science today, and much more. This discussion is one that Dr. Merritt described as the most important video that I’ve done since Covid”.  All show notes are provided by TCTL to highlight key points in their conversation.  We also share three other videos below that give some background on who Dr. Poornima Wagh is, how she came to the perspective that she now shares, as well as what she and 18 other scientists have discovered about the covid vaccines. ~ Kathleen Stilwell, TCTL editor]

[Video is available at Lee Merritt MD Rumble channel.] Viruses, and Genetic Manipulation–Is it a scam?

[As a service to protect truth from censorship and to share widely, mirrored copies of this video are available at Truth Comes to Light OdyseeBitChute and Brighteon channels. All credit, along with our sincere thanks, goes to the original source of this video. Please follow links provided to support their work.]

Show Notes & Excerpts:

1.  Dr.  Lee Merritt asks Dr. Poornima Wagh to share about her background. Dr. Wagh starts with her education and then shares her first awakening to the unscientific foundation of virology — something that occurred while she was working in a microbiology lab and before she studied for her PhD in virology.

Dr. Merritt:

This is the most important video that I’ve done since Covid. I’m sharing this without editing because I think you need to get a feel for the depth of knowledge of the guest…

Dr. Wagh:

I started working in my dad’s lab. My dad worked for Pfizer… for almost 28 years in R&D, in research and development, in India. I was born and brought up in India. And I came to this country when I was 18 in April of 1991. But I started working in my dad’s lab when I was 13…

… I moved to Santa Barbara and I enrolled myself in classes at Santa Barbara City College. And Judy Evans Meyer, who was the head of the microbiology and cell biology lab, hired me. And that was the best part of my life… She thought outside the box and she always said, ‘You know, I have a real problem with virology. Virology and even most of bacteriology is just crapola.’

She would always say that. And I said, ‘But Judy, you know, you’re a microbiologist. And she said, ‘Yeah, I know, but you know I’m a coal miner’s daughter from Pittsburgh and I have more common sense than most people in academia.’ And she would push us to to look outside the box constantly. So I became, from a lab tech, I ended up becoming a lab scientist in her lab…


I had enough lab in experience under my belt that what I was seeing in lab experimentation and what I was seeing in the textbooks was entirely different. And I’m talking about bacteria and fungi. This is not even viruses yet…


… It’s not just virology that’s a scam. Much of pathology is also pretty much fairly fraudulent.

So I started seeing this and in 2009 my eyes really opened up because we started working on a project that Judy was working on with a few other scientists at University of California Santa Barbara. We were looking at Valley Fever, San Joaquin Valley Fever… It is supposedly caused by the spores of a fungus called coccidioides immitis. Now they have never isolated the spores of this fungus but supposedly the spores cause this disease, these symptoms. The symptoms are lung-based. You get pneumonia. You get labored breathing. You lose your sense of smell and taste. Fatigue. Fever. I mean pretty much like Covid. The same symptomology.

And we looked at soil samples in a hundred mile radius around Fresno and Bakersfield because that’s mostly where it was concentrated — in that belt there where they grow a lot of vegetables and it’s very arid. We did this for 2.5 years. We looked at soil samples. We looked at water samples. I mean, you name it. And we also then looked at lung samples from patients that were given to us and sort of did these isolation studies.

The isolation studies are identical to how you do them and in virology — the same procedure, the filtration, centrifugation, looking at it under a microscope and doing the Koch’s postulates. And we didn’t find anything. We didn’t find any spores, we didn’t find any fungal hyphae. And fungi are much bigger — between one micrometer to 13 micrometers. You can actually look at them under a compound or a light microscope…


It’s not just the soil. We did the toxicology. We sent the soils to a toxicologist in LA — I mean repeatedly. I think we sent 200 different samples at different times. They didn’t find anything in there. They should have been able to find something like spores or hyphae or whatever. Then, our lab, we looked at actually the lung samples because coccidioidomycosis is a lung disease caused by, supposedly, the spores of this fungus.

Dr. Merritt:

So you could see the lesions where the theoretical coccidioidomycosis…

Dr. Wagh:

You could see that but you couldn’t you couldn’t tell that the spores were causing because there’s nothing to find — there was no fungal residue.

Dr. Merritt:

It was just dead cells in those lesions or…

Dr. Wagh:

RNA DNA but it was all human RNA DNA… no presence of any fungi.

And so we reported this to the California Health Services and they said, ‘Oh no, we know it does. Sometimes you just can’t find it.’ What does that mean? I mean you can find it if it’s not there…

Dr. Merritt:

In 200 samples.

Dr. Wagh:

Yeah, I mean we looked at so many samples. I think that soil samples were 200 samples and human samples are probably 75 plus samples over a period of time. And this went on for 2.5 years. This was not a small thing. I mean we did this repeatedly in the course of 2.5 years that I worked there…

And Judy says, ‘You know, I bet you this is from the methyl bromide that they’re using on strawberries and all the other crops there’.

And we tested methyl bromide. We sent it to the same toxicology lab in LA and they said, ‘Yeah, there’s a 500% increase in the amount of methyl bromide they were using. And methyl bromide has been banned in California but farmers still use it because it’s very effective. You know, they they dust a bunch of strawberries.

Dr. Merritt:

You think the dust was getting in there lungs?

Dr. Wagh:

Yeah and that’s what the toxicology lab ended up saying. It’s the dust that gets in, the particulate gets into people’s lungs and they have these symptoms. And it spreads through the through the air.

2. Dr. Merritt asks for clarification on typical lab procedures when doctors send samples out to labs for analysis. They discuss how computerization has replaced real lab work. Dr. Merritt shares her research into PCR test results.

Dr. Wagh:

What ends up happening is they find either bacteria or fungus at the site. But the fungi and bacteria are the clean up crew. You always find them. They’re in our bodies anyway. But then they’re using all of these antibiotics and antimycotics. Exactly what they do in virology they do in pathology.

I’m not making this up…

The predicated stuff in virology is from pathology and medical microbiology. It just moved over. It’s the same kind of isolation studies that they do. And then they say, ‘Oh look, this is causing the disease.’

Dr. Merritt:

How about fresh smears?… So let’s say you took those lesions out of a lung. Haven’t people looked at fresh smears and seen something like mycelia or anything? No?

Dr. Wagh:

No. I have looked at so many. Again, all you need is the light microscope because fungi and bacteria are big enough you can see it at 30X even at 100X…

There’s movement there but that that doesn’t mean there’s disease.

You have to prove… and then you have to do Koch’s postulates… In microbiology they stopped doing Koch’s postulates altogether.

Most of microbiology, pathology, virology have all become a field of bioinformatics. They do genome sequencing.

They don’t do anything the old fashioned way like they used to do in the thirties or forties. I mean literally, with bioinformatics in the last 30 years, bioinformatics has completely changed the biology. Everything is now done on the computer. Most microbiologists… they don’t do much in the lab. They just do everything on the computer…

Dr. Merritt:

Yeah, which removes you from reality.


So just for the audience… bioinformatics is the ability to take the code of the genome — God’s given amino acid code that’s like AGCT for the different amino acid… nucleotide sequence. And then, convert them to digits like zeros and ones, and then you can computerize the whole genome, and then you can play with it all you want on the computer.

Dr. Wagh:

Yeah, you can sequence… They do short sequences, long sequences depending on how you want to do the sequences, and then you just sort of tape them together. I think that’s what they call the de novo alignment kind of sequencing.

3. Dr. Merritt questions whether or not the human genome has actually been sequenced. They discuss whether genetic-focused vaccines are actually possible. 

Dr. Merritt:

Let’s back up in time. Do you think that they, I mean did they sequence the human genome?… [Here she mentions a specific paper documenting work at MIT] … This is the guy that’s got to be one of the world’s leaders in the ability to manipulate the genetic material…

And it actually says we can’t really — when they talk about gene splicing — we can’t really do thatWhat we can do is delete genes.

Dr. Wagh:

CRISPR CAT9 comes from bacteria. When they were using… penicillin based antibiotics, what was happening is a lot of the bacteria were using an enzyme called beta lactamase, essentially to resist the effects of the antibiotic. And CRISPR CAT9 technology — they picked it up from the beta lactamase enzyme. It is beta lactamase enzyme activity that causes the CAT9 part. CRISPR is, I think, the cutting and the CAT9 is the pasting and so on. But they don’t know how how the bacteria do it. They have no idea. It’s so limited. This is what I mean.

Nature is so elegant and so complex. These people, they think they’re gods. They have a god complex. They will never figure it out. We don’t know how these mechanisms really work.

Dr. Merritt:

So I can believe that… what they’re really doing is — they’re using toxins…


What it sounds like you’re telling me is… what it could be is the whole genetic thing could be nonsense and what they’re doing is just giving you a toxic nanoparticle

Dr. Wagh:

Yeah… so either a synthetic chemical, like a synthetic lipid nanoparticle with a bunch of nanoparticles in it — like in this case they used graphene oxide…

That’s all they can do. They do not have the ability to tweak biological… It’s not possible. We’ve tried and tried and tried and tried. It doesn’t work that way.


How do you take a virus which is 70 to 80 nanometers in size, hollow it out, and put up a load in there? I mean how do you do that? I mean you can’t even see a virus.

Dr. Merritt:

What they can do is they can transmit plasmids… We know that they transmitted these plasmids back and forth… to create antibiotic resistance… We can now harvest those plasmids and inject them into things.


They can do single nucleotide replacement… They can change these things but they can’t they do precise insertion into the human genome.

Dr. Wagh:

Yes. And all of this nonsense, the BS that we’ve been told — that we have all this technology to weaponize stuff and all. No.

5.  Dr. Merritt and Dr. Wagh have both concluded that SARS-CoV-2 is computer magic. It does not exist. They discuss short sequences and spike proteins. Dr. Merritt questions S1 subunits of SARS-CoV-2 that are sold on the internet. They challenge the idea that we are able to manipulate biology when we don’t understand how it works.

Dr. Merritt:

I’ve been saying this 30,000 base pairs SARS-CoV-2 is just BS… That’s just computer nonsense.

Dr. Wagh:

It’s computer magic.

Dr. Merritt:

They claim that the S1 subunit — and they actually sell it on the internet — the S1 subunit of SARS-C0V-2. ..

If they can sequence backwards — if they can take something and genetically sequence things, can they then reproduce short sequences? Or isolate short sequences?

Dr. Wagh:

They could isolate them. However, I don’t think those sequences doing anything.

I mean, remember everything works in tandem in our body. I mean, even proteins work in tandem with everything else in our body. You can’t just isolate a protein and put it into somebody else and then expect it to do some some kind of magic…

It is very difficult to do anything with biological stuff…

This is why they use chemical toxins and… lipid nanoparticles and stuff. They have to poison you some way. Now, they can do that with chemistry. You can’t do it with biology. Biology is a whole different ball game…


They can chemically alter stuff. Synthetically alter stuff. Biological proteins? DNA and RNA? I don’t think so. ..We cannot because we don’t even understand biology.

In order to manipulate something, you have to understand how it works. I mean, truly understand how it works.

6. They continue the discussion about what is actually done in all these labs, including the role of government funding in creating an environment where nonsense studies are insisted upon. 

Dr. Wagh:

You ask me what do they do in labs. They spend money on nonsense… This is where they spend all the money from NIH or NSF, whatever. All the grant money goes on nonsensical research. I kid you not because I was in the lab. I know…

Dr. Merritt:

When you say this kind of stuff like there are no viruses, it’s just bioinformatics and nonsense — they they say ‘What are all those graduate students doing? Yes, you might have the bad guys on the top that are lying that know there are no viruses but keep the pharmaceutical vaccine industry going, but what about those graduate students?’…

Dr. Wagh:

The graduate students are completely hoodwinked and brainwashed… This is what graduate students and postdocs do, okay. They need a job. They have to hang on there. They know that the experiments are nonsense because I wasn’t the only one asking these questions…

Everybody just kind of falls in line because you need a job, you you need work… at some point you go stick yourself into some university lab… be slave labor for 4, 5, 6 years. Get a really good recommendations from your principal investigator and then maybe you’ll climb the ladder. Most of the grad students just want to be professors, so then they have a cushy job where they just have a lab of their own, and then they do the same thing to other slave labor (which is other grad students as they come through). This is what has been happening for the last 50 to 60 plus years in almost every single lab, not just in this country but abroad.


… In science it is a rat race. It truly is. If you think like everybody else then you’ll get a job. You have your own lab… you can be the next generation slave driver.


You cannot do anything without an NIH grant. And I don’t mean just the funding for the state universities — the public universities, even Stanford gets 90 percent of its funding. Although it’s a private university. Stanford, Princeton, Harvard, Cornell… All of these — they get funding from the NIH, so then you’re beholden to what the NIH tells you to do. If you don’t do what the NIH tells you to do, you ain’t gonna get any funding. They’ll just ax you. They’ll close down your lab. And most of the time it’s the university that closes down the lab.

Dr. Merritt:

That’s why I say Fauci is essentially the bag man of this mob because he controls — just like a bag man in the mob, if you don’t do what they say, they threaten to break your legs.

In this case, if you don’t use Remdesivir and if you talk outside the protocols that the NIH and CDC have set up for covid, we’re going to take your funding. And that’s not just at the universities… It’s at the university hospitals; it’s at other hospitals… The same people who control the NIH control the Department of Health and Human Services that fund Medicare. So, if you don’t give all your people these these toxic vaccines, we’re not going to give you your Medicare dollars.

7. Dr. Wagh shares how she got into the fields of virology and immunology. This led to a conversation about the lack of evidence that HIV exists and what really causes the symptoms called AIDS. Dr. Merritt questioned the term “emerging infectious diseases” that is often heard in virology.

Dr. Wagh discusses vitamin B deficiencies in the disease known as malaria. They discuss the damage to the immune system caused by vaccines and what might actually be causing the symptoms seen in so-called monkey pox. Dr. Wagh shares a story about curing a large uterine tumor with serrapeptase, nattokinase, high doses of vitamin D3, K2 and cofactors.  (Go to approximate time stamp 57:00 for details on Dr. Wagh’s protocol.)

Dr. Merritt shares her experience as a spine surgeon with women who have spinal fractures, noting that it’s not osteoporosis a lot of times it’s osteomalacia or vitamin D deficiency. Dr. Wagh mentions an article that was retracted — found at

Dr. Wagh:

It was like swallowing a crown of thorns because I got along with just one professor. Everybody else I was constantly arguing…


My thesis was not in virology but in malaria research… They said malaria patients had coinfections with HIV virus — HIV and AIDS… I was like ‘What are you talking about? There’s nothing called HIV.’ …


I finally defended my thesis… Essentially I said that HIV doesn’t exist and… we don’t even know if malaria is actually caused by the Plasmodium species — we have to look into that. That was my thesis.


They did not like the fact that I was questioning HIV. And, I mean, they were just completely shocked. ‘What kind of a student does this kind of thing? Why are you even here if you’re questioning… this consensus. We’ve already proven this exists.’

Dr. Merritt:

I realized that up until the mid eighties when I was a resident, I never heard the term “emerging infectious diseases”. And I’ve subsequently come to believe that “emerging infectious diseases” is a term they use to cover up the effects of their bioweapons programs in third world countries


My pediatric professor told us in a lecture my first year medical school at the University of Rochester, New York — he said ‘Vaccines didn’t stop childhood diseases. Plumbers did.‘ And his point was it’s sanitation and nutrition.


All of the poxes are probably the same idea — that there are toxins coming out.


There are people out there that know this… It’s the same players… They’re driving this false agenda so they can poison us… I know that sounds paranoid but it’s just — they’re giving us toxins in the form of these vaccines and in other ways through medications and they’re not paying attention at all.

8.  Dr. Wagh shares her work with 18 other people in examining the contents of the covid vaccines. [Listen at approximately 1:10:00 for Dr. Wagh’s explanation of what she has found in the vaccines.]

Dr. Wagh’s group is testing international versions of the covid vaccines as well as those used in the US. She mentions an upcoming video with Regis (Regis Tremblay) where she shares their findings. She has since completed that video “The Jab – It’s Poison and Will Kill You”. You can find it below these notes.

They talk about the scam of vaccination.  Dr. Wagh mentions Eleanor McBean’s book “The Poisoned Needle — Suppressed Facts About Vaccination“. You can read and download the book here. [Find their discussion of the vaccination scam at approximately 1:17:00].

Dr. Wagh:

I’ve been testing the vaccine personally…there’s no difference, okay? It’s the same platform… synthetic lipid nanoparticle, hydrogel, and reduced graphene oxide. There’s no mRNA, there’s no spike protein coded to the mRNA. Nothing. I mean zippo.

And massive amounts of heavy metal contamination — tungsten, osmium, silica, a lot of silver and gold particles… they have nickel, some amounts of lead…  a lot of aluminum– massive amounts of aluminum in there. And all this stuff is very stable, you know. When you put that into the human body… it causes  it causes irritation and inflammation. That’s what’s causing all these vascular problems that you’re seeing, the blood vessel problems. And the graphene oxide has a very weak, extremely weak, positive bioelectric charge. And everything in our body, especially the heart and the brain, are negatively charged. This short circuits everything and through the inflammatory process you’re short circuiting everything. And so you die.


I’m not the only one working. We have 18 people including me… So I’m working with all these people. There’s two in Russia, there’s two in Australia, one in New Zealand, three — now we have four I think in Argentina, one in Shanghai, China… an MD, PhD (pediatrician)… in Mexico City.  And all these people are testing all the vaccines… We’ve got two Indians now…


The mRNA vaccines have no mRNA. They have no spike protein…They have no viral vectors in them.

We’ve tested 2, 300 vaccines… We haven’t found any differences in the vaccines at all. What we have found is there’s 35 different variations depending on what extra or less they put in there.

If you’ve got a very lethal dose of reduced graphene oxide you usually die within a few weeks, a few months. So it just depends on the dosage that there’s in there…

But the platform is the same. It’s all chemical crap that they’re putting in there…


So how many generations of Americans is that they have received vaccinations? I’d say maybe 100 to 120 years of just vaccine damage. And you pass it on from one generation to another. On top of that you’re getting EMFs from all over the place, you’re getting radio waves from all over the place. The food is bad. The food is contaminated. The water’s severely contaminated…

9. They discuss what vaccine developers can and cannot do. Dr. Wagh mentions the work of British biologist Harold Hillman. [See “Modern Medicine: A Castle Built on Sand?” for more about the work of Harold Hillman.]

They question the use of mRNA and whether or not DNA has actually been found. They discuss the work of Barbara McClintock and her discovery of transposons (jumping genes). 

They talk of  French naturalist Jean-Baptiste Lamarck’s theory of adaptation.  They share ideas about what exosomes could be in the context of the human body’s adaptation to environmental changes.

Dr. Merritt:

So we can sequence to find stuff. We just can’t manipulate it…

Dr. Wagh:

Correct. And the payload carriers are always bacterial plasmids, in every case… They have figured out how to use plasmids. But, other than that, they haven’t figured out anything…

Dr. Merritt:

I feel like there’s –and this comes from my belief that we’re being run by the dark occult (and occult just means hidden) —  that there’s a group of people that know all this. They know how this works. They hide two things from us. They hide our psychologic makeup and they hide the way the world works. Same thing with scalar energy and lots of things…

Dr. Wagh:

That whole ideology of DNA makes RNA makes protein doesn’t work because it goes the other direction. Transposons move stuff. They move stuff from here, clip it over there. So they take RNA, clip it over here. They take DNA clip it over here. They take proteins and clip it somewhere else.


…It’s not a genotype. It’s essentially a phenotype. Phenotypes change, depending on these transposon changes in your body. And we don’t even bother to look at it. We call it genetic sequencing and this and that, and whatever else. You know, why don’t we really look at the real science?


…That’s probably why they don’t do anything on it because they can’t weaponize it

These culprits, the parasites who are running the show, they probably know a lot of this stuff. The only thing they don’t know is how to manipulate the stuff. They know it exists. They just don’t know how. Thank God, because if they could manipulated we’d be in a lot of doo doo.

Dr. Merritt:

They can’t really bring off these aerosolized diseases, so now what are they studying? Arthropod vector disease. So they realized if they can’t get us to run out and take injections, they’ll get insects to inject us with this crap.

Dr. Wagh:

Our bodies are very, very intelligent… Everything in nature is very intelligent. Everything has a place. And you can’t just change that just because you feel you have a god complex.

10. [Approximately 1:30:00] The conversation shifts to what we know about the nature of the universe, scalar energy, how cells communicate and more.  Dr. Wagh mentions Dr. Rupert Sheldrake’s book “The Science Delusion”. 

They touched on the work of American inventor Royal Rife where he saw that “viruses” are a stage of bacteria. They shared other examples of flawed science in declaring the cause of cholera and legionnaires disease.

Dr. Wagh:

…Biology got corrupted because physics got corrupted with quantum mechanics.  Anything with quantum in it is bullshit. Okay, quantum mechanics, quantum financial system, quantum computing — it’s all B.S.

We live in an electro magnetic universe. It’s mostly electric. I’m going the Tesla direction instead of the einsteinium Shrodinger model. Okay? So quantum mechanics destroyed physics, which destroyed chemistry — because you got the P. orbitals and the S. orbitals in chemistry — and then that bled into biology and destroyed biology altogether. So  the hard sciences are completely hijacked and corrupted.

Dr. Merritt:

Let’s suppose cells can communicate with each other and in ways that we don’t completely know — but it does seem to be scalar.

Dr. Wagh:

We don’t understand anything… What we’re taught is just mechanistic. There is no holistic perspective to it… [mentions “The Science Delusion” by Rupert Sheldrake] … The morphogenetic field, consciousness and all of that, it makes complete sense.

Dr. Merritt:

[Dr. Merritt reads a quote from Tesla.]

“Alpha waves in the human brain are between 6 and 8 hertz. The wave frequency of the human cavity resonates between 6 and 8 hertz. All biological systems operate in the same frequency range. The human brain’s alpha waves function in this range and the electrical resonance of the earth is between 6 and 8 hertz. Thus, our entire biological system – the brain and the earth itself – work on the same frequencies. If we can control that resonate system electronically, we can directly control the entire mental system of humankind.”
~ Nicola Tesla

It may be that’s what they’re trying to do.

Dr. Wagh:

So it’s a split program of depopulation and what’s left over is going to be controlled. That’s the plan. I still don’t think their plans are gonna work. It doesn’t work that way…

A lot of us have not taken the vaccines. We’re not going to give in

Now people are waking up. So they’re on their last leg…

They’re desperate. They have something to cover the jab damage…

Dr. Merritt:

The idea that you’re a conspiracy theorist, I’ve decided, that just means you can have pattern recognition… I think the beauty of humans is we can think around the corner like you’ve obviously been doing your whole life. And that’s what’s made a difference.

Dr. Wagh:

In a way, covid it actually is a silver lining because if it hadn’t happened we’d still be doing the same rinse and repeat… It was brewing under the surface… Now it just erupted. People can see everything and people are waking up very quickly.

Literally all of civilization is a sham. Our histories, all of paleontology, everything we know about the solar system, how the universe works.

… I mean, we’re gonna have to figure out what is humanity. Where did we come from? Who are we?…

What is our history? What is our legacy?

Dr. Merritt:

Just look at the progress we’ve made in two years understanding things… For how many years did people labor in private, in their lab, saying it’s all nonsense? And now the whole world is waking up to the fact that they’ve been lied to.

Dr. Wagh:

Everything we’ve been told so far is usually one truth and ten lies.  It’s all window dressing.

I don’t have these conversations often.

Dr. Merritt:

It’s not just gonna be cries the wilderness. I think this is the beginning of a tsunami

If we all stand up, they can’t make a sit down.

About Dr. Lee Merritt: Dr. Lee Merritt began her medical career at the age of four, carrying her father’s “black bag” on housecalls, along the back roads of Iowa. In 1980 she graduated from the University of Rochester School of Medicine and Dentistry in New York, where she was elected to life membership in the Alpha Omega Alpha Honor Medical Society. Dr. Merritt completed an Orthopaedic Surgery Residency in the United States Navy and served 9 years as a Navy physician and surgeon before returning to Rochester, where she was the only woman to be appointed as the Louis A. Goldstein Fellow of Spinal Surgery.

About Dr. Poornima Wagh:

Dr. Poornima Wagh Talks About Her Background & What She Is Doing Now

[The video below is set to start at about the 32 min mark in a longer interview where she is asked to share her background. The original video can be found at Tremregi BitChute channel.]

Connect with Dr. Lee Merritt

The Jab – 18 Scientists Reveal the Truth — It’s Poison and Will Kill You

by Regis Tremblay

This is a rather long video with Poornima Wagh about the Jab, what’s in it, how it effects your body, and why avoid it at all costs. She also provides a detained examination of each of the known Jabs…they are full of chemicals and particles that harm the body.

If you feel overwhelmed because of the detail, fast forward to the last 30 minutes…but be sure to watch to the very end.

In the following video, Dr. Poornima Wagh dissects the covid “pandemic” hoax.


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