Ballpark Estimate: Covid Injections Have Killed 5 to 12 million People Worldwide


What is the number of deaths, worldwide, from Covid injections? By doing a rough calculation Steve Kirsch arrives at a ballpark figure of 12 million.

To give the number some context, that is 40x the number of Americans who were killed in World War II (“WWII”). It’s more than double the number killed by Covid, Kirsch wrote.

WWII is recognised as beginning on 3 September 1939 when Great Britain and France declared war on Germany after Germany invaded Poland.  It ended in 1945 after Japan formally surrendered.

According to Britannica, about 298,000 Americans died during WWII. In total, an estimated 40,000,000 to 50,000,000 people died worldwide over the six years of WWII.

The first Covid shot was delivered by Great Britain on 8 December 2020 “marking the start of a historic mass vaccination programme.”  France delivered its first shot 19 days later on 27 December 2020.

The Covid shot campaign has, so far, been going for 20 months.  According to Our World in Data 12.46 billion shots have been delivered, 5.89 million per day.

Our World in Dataretrieved 16 August 2022

However, according to data collected by Bloomberg, “the latest rate was roughly 8.46 million doses a day … 159 shots for every 100 people worldwide.”

Yesterday, 15 August, Britain became the first country in the world to approve Moderna’s “next generation” Covid shot – Spikevax Bivalent.

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By Steve Kirsch

Margaret Anna Alice asked if anyone could estimate the global death toll from the Covid shots.

In my opinion, a reasonable estimate is to divide the number of doses by 1,000.

If you do that for the 600 million doses delivered in the US, you get 600,000 deaths which is right in the ballpark.

A more conservative number is to divide the number of doses by 2,500. This is the number Mathew Crawford estimated from global data: 411 deaths per million doses. Earlier, I offered a $1 million reward to anyone who found a significant error in his work. No takers. This is documented on my Substack and in my Twitter stream, but, of course, everything I tweeted was deleted by Twitter as being unsafe. A free $1 million no strings attached. Nobody accepted.

So that conservative estimate gets you to 5 million killed (only 16x the number of Americans killed in World War II).

We are approaching the 6 million Jews killed in the Holocaust over 12 years.

But we are killing people worldwide at a rate at least 6x faster than the Germans did.

We are killing nearly close to 10,000 people every single day (the latest rate was roughly 8.46 million doses a day).

Interestingly, this is not self-limiting because 385,000 babies are born every day.

So, the killing can go on indefinitely, even if the birth rate drops by 90% due to the shots.

In case you were wondering. I just thought I’d point that out.

Dose data was from this Bloomberg article: More Than 12.4 billion Shots Given: Covid-19 Vaccine Tracker.


We are killing an awful lot of people, but world leaders are looking the other way and saying nothing while all of us watch the high number of death reports in the media of people who died “unexpectedly” and hear no explanation from the medical community or the CDC.

We are supposed to trust that they have things well in hand, even though they won’t appear on camera in front of anyone who doesn’t have scripted, pre-approved questions.

The vaccine is never mentioned in any of these unexplained death reports.

Yet people all over the world have noticed that these unexpected deaths are ONLY happening to the vaccinated. Hmmmm…. I wonder why?

The CDC will not require medical examiners to do the proper tests to make the association. They could easily do that. But they won’t. That tells you everything you need to know about the corruption.

So, it will be an unexplained rise in unexplained deaths due to unknown causes because nobody in the mainstream media is ever going to admit they were wrong and ask a few unscripted questions.

Even Donald Trump is afraid to speak out about what is going on. He remains silent too.

This is why we have no debates, only censorship.

Hundreds of people at the CDC are aware of what is going on, but they aren’t going to speak out or they will lose their job. Even the people who have resigned are remaining silent. It’s really stunning.

So, the killing continues unabated.

About the Author

Steve Kirsch is the founder of the Vaccine Safety Research Foundation where he works with over 20 scientists, doctors, and statisticians researching the safety of the Covid-19 vaccines.

The above is an article written by Kirsch titled ‘Do you know how many people have been killed worldwide by their governments from the Covid shots?’  You can subscribe and follow Kirsch on his Substack HERE or by visiting his website HERE.

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