The PANDA WHO Review

And Why it Matters to You

Robert W Malone MD, MS

Jul 25 2022

The WHO Review and Why it Matters to You?” was written by Abir Ballan and published by PANDA. It is a must read by anyone who is interested in public health, the global COVID-19 WHO policies – that almost all nations followed, and the full extent of the corruption by WHO/global leaders and governments. The review also lists out what should have been done instead. The full document can be accessed by the link below:

The Link is HERE

This review empowers you with key information to help you assess the WHO’s candidacy as an authoritative global public health organization. It provides background information on public health and pandemic management principles as previously agreed upon by this branch of the United Nations. The PANDA analysis will allow you to evaluate the soundness of the WHO-recommended response to Covid-19 and MonkeyPox, and to determine how faithfully the WHO followed its own previously developed recommendations. It goes on to summarize the assumptions underlying their Covid-19 recommendations, followed by a summary of the final recommendations.

Finally, it discusses possible influences on the WHO’s decisions and direction, and suggests actions you may take to safeguard your own personal and national health sovereignty from the power which this international organization has developed and has been exerting on all of us.

My brief synopsis/compilation is below:

The WHO was founded in 1946 and had some basic core principles, that were completely ignored during the COVID outbreak. This image is a compilation of the constitution of the WHO:

The next image (below) is are from the planning documents for influenza and related pandemic diseases in 2019. These recommendations were based on an analysis of the scientific literature. What actions the WHO chose to recommended during COVID were almost a complete deviation from the previous pandemic development plans which it had developed and endorsed. Of course, the questions which come to the mind of any who confront the almost complete reversal of previously recommended policies are “Why?” and “Who was behind this remarkable reversal?”

Obviously, the non-pharmaceutical interventions (NPIs) deployed during the Covid-19 pandemic are not in line with earlier the 2019 WHO pandemic management recommendations.

This review then goes through all the “new” data that shows that lock-downs, masks, universal vaccination, school closures, etc. are all based on either fabricated, poor quality studies or non-existent research. These sections are detailed and nicely summarized.

The issue of lethality of the virus and how WHO has falsely made it appear as if the virus is more deadly than it actually was, even with the original strain – is also discussed in detail.

Using images and tweets from the WHO website – the review makes the case that the WHO has been corrupted, but does so without making a single specific accusation. The images let the WHO’s own words and deeds speak. The impact factor of these images is significant. One such example is below:

The conclusion of the document lists out what might have been done differently.

The document is comprehensive, well referenced and worth reading. Consider doing so and sharing with friends, colleagues and even politicians.

The Who Review

Template letter to politicians or government representatives

Dear [insert name],

As a [representative of the people in government/ member of parliament], you are committed to serve the people and ensure that their best interests are at the heart of all public policy.

The WHO-recommended response to Covid-19 was largely followed by most countries. This highlights how far-reaching the WHO’s influence is on local governance and, as a consequence, the impact of its recommendations on people’s lives and livelihoods.

Are you sure the WHO-recommended response to Covid-19 is in line with WHO’s constitution and its own pandemic preparedness plans?

Are you sure the WHO is still guided by science and not by private interests?

What is your responsibility towards your fellow citizens?

You have great power to influence your government and create positive change. 

You are invited to explore the suitability of the WHO as a global authority on public health: THE WHO REVIEW AND WHY IT MATTERS TO YOU

[sign your name here]


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