Did Vaccines Save Us from Disease?

How many people were actually dying before these injections rolled out?

The Vigilant Fox

24 july 2022

We’ve all been led to believe that vaccines are the best thing since sliced bread, that they’ve saved humanity, and that if we did not widely use them, we would return to the Dark Ages, where people fall over dead from scary diseases of the past.

But is this really the case? Were vaccines truly what saved us, or did their perceived benefit just happen to correlate with another important variable?

During a 90-minute presentation at the United Healthcare SummitDr. Christina Parks unraveled this very important question.

Well, here’s the mortality rate of measles before 1963, the year that we first licensed the measles vaccine. Notice a downtrend long before the measles vaccines? Odd.

“So here’s measles disease mortality. So this isn’t how many people get measles because everyone right before the vaccine was still getting measles. It’s just that nobody was dying of measles. And so when they came out with a vaccine, how many people per 100,000 were dying of measles? It looks like about less than one.”

Now let’s move on to diphtheria.

“How many people were dying of diphtheria before the DTP vaccine was licensed in 1947?” It looks like maybe one per 100,000. All right, and this is why we needed to run out and get some injections.”


But this was not just the trend for measles and diphtheria but for many other illnesses. Why is that?

“When we had the advent of sanitation, of clean water, of getting people out of ghettos from the Industrial Revolution, then we saw the fall in all of these diseases. And so again, the rate per 100,000 for tuberculosis is looks like maybe two or three. And for typhoid fever, essentially zero.”

Ah, so sanitation was doing wonders long before vaccines “saved the day.” And so, they had to manipulate the data to convince you otherwise.

Here’s an example below featuring whooping cough.

“They will show you this graph of whooping cough, but what they will do is they will take this portion right on the right-hand side for you, and they’ll blow it up and make it look like it just cratered when the vaccine came in.”

Here’s another example of that data manipulation tactic with the use of the measles vaccine. And they’ll often choose cases because mortality paints a less convincing picture.

Image Source: https://www.sehd.scot.nhs.uk/publications/his0/his0-g23.gif

We know the upside of vaccines, but what about the downsides? For example, what happens when you inject aluminum into children to elicit an immune response? And why do we have to resort to the deep, dark corners of the web to even ask this question?

Chart Credit: blog.yanginstitute.com

So back to the original question: did vaccines save us from disease? Decide for yourself. But I’d argue improvements to sanitation was already doing wonders, and vaccines came in, rode its coattails, and created a $187 billion dollar industry.

Want to see more of Dr. Christina Parks? You can follow this fantastic scientist on Telegram! You can also watch the entire 90-minute presentation here.



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