Dr. Birx ‘Bombshell’: She Would ‘Hide’ Data in Reports, Rig Covid Mortality Rates

Dr. Deborah Birx may not have garnered the limelight that her public health colleague Dr. Anthony Fauci did during her stint as one of the faces of the Covid response in the Trump White House, but she quickly became a media darling as she turned on the previous administration in a desperate effort to rehabilitate her image.

It worked. Numerous major media organizations took her self-serving Trump-bait and ran with it. Dr. Birx was soon transformed from a timid bureaucrat unprepared for national leadership into an eminently competent public health official speaking to ‘her struggle to get through to an administration unprepared for the pandemic,’ according to CNN.

The former Covid response coordinator had come under intense criticism for not doing more to push back against the supposedly ‘political’ response from the Trump administration.

“Any other president would have wanted to know just how bad things were going to get and what could be done to prevent the worst case,” Birx wrote about her time on the Covid task force in early 2020. “Except, this wasn’t any other president or any other White House. This was President Trump and the Trump White House. I was standing on constantly shifting sand, among political players I didn’t know and a president who apparently liked his news served good and upbeat, or not at all.”

Dr. Birx even went so far as to claim the 2020 election campaign was ‘distracting’ the Trump administration from fighting Covid.

“I felt like the White House had gotten somewhat complacent through the campaign season,” said Deborah Birx. That is about as politically loaded a statement one could expect from a public health official. It is also highly suggestive of the frustration that she felt that more extreme measures were not being imposed on the American populace to purportedly thwart the virus.

Furthermore, according to the Washington Post, Birx was on a “quest to ensure that the White House’s pandemic response was grounded first and foremost in rigorous scientific data.” Well, about that.

Jeffrey Tucker, the President of the Brownstone Institute, has deconstructed some of the retrospective mythos of the Birx image rehabilitation tour.

The most shocking confessions that Tucker unearthed in her book, “Silent Invasion: The Untold Story of the Trump Administration, Covid-19, and Preventing the Next Pandemic Before It’s Too Late,”is that she would ‘hide’ data that was being sent to states to guide their Covid responses.

“Before posting my final review of D. Birx’s book, I offer you one more excerpt on how she doctored the weekly Covid reports to the states coming from the White House,” Tucker wrote. “You won’t believe this one.”

Tucker provided the passage in Dr. Birx’s book that explained the process for writing reports. It directly implicates Birx in obfuscating data and misleading state officials.

“Our Saturday and Sunday report-writing routine soon became: write, submit, revise, hide, resubmit. Fortunately, this strategic sleigh-of-hand worked.”

There was a motivation for Birx to engage in such deceptive behavior: She was in favor of extreme lockdown measures, as Tucker points out.

“One odd feature of D. Birx’s book is her claim to have doubted vaccine efficacy from the beginning: she never saw it as ticket out,” Tucker states. “This is because she believed in lockdowns forever.”

“Still, she claims to have known since Oct 2020 that the vaccines would not stop infection/ transmission and would very likely have little durability,” he continued. “If so, all those statements from Fauci et a[l] were more noble lies.”

“As for natural immunity, she claimed we knew nothing, which is obviously untrue,” he added. “It did provide durable protection though not perfect against variants. All her views on this topic were formed by her AIDS experience. The only answer forever was behavioral changes in service of exposure avoidance…by force if necessary.”

In an glaring example of hiding data fraud in the daylight, Dr. Birx actually admitted to the manner that the United States would rig Covid-related mortality rates to appear far worse than what they actually were.

“So, I think in this country, we’ve taken a very liberal approach to mortality,” Birx said at an April 2020 press conference. “There are other countries that if you had a preexisting condition, and let’s say, the virus called you to go to the ICU, and then have a heart or kidney problem, some countries are recording that as a heart issue or a kidney issue and not a COVID-19 death. Right now we’re still recording it. And we’ll, I mean, the great thing about having forms that come in and a form that has the ability to mark it as COVID 19 infection. The intent is right now that those, if someone dies with COVID 19, we are counting that as a COVID 19 death.”

A reporter rightly pushed back: “Can you be sure? I mean, you hear from coroners that that’s not necessarily the case or are you sure? How can you be confident about that?”

CDC statistics show that 95% of Covid-related deaths list an average of 4 comorbidities, while 5% list Covid as the only known cause of death. Such comorbidites include cardiovascular disease (10.5%), diabetes (7.3%), and cancer (5.6%). The average age of Covid-related death is 77 years old.

In January, CDC Director Rochelle Walensky was confronted about Covid-related deaths reporting, which bears on the upcoming milestone of one million Americans having died from Covid.

video: https://rumble.com/vs8vzl-cdc-director-is-finally-confronted-on-shady-covid-deaths-reporting.html

“Do you know, how many of the 836,000 deaths in the U.S. linked to COVID are from COVID or how many are with COVID, but they had other comorbidities. Do you have that breakdown?” Baier asked.

“Yes, of course, with Omicron we’re following that very carefully,” she said. “Our death registry, of course, takes a few weeks… to collect. And of course, Omicron has just been with us for a few weeks, but those data will be forthcoming.”

Dr. David Samadi commented on the development:

“The CDC will begin to provide data on how many of the 836,000 deaths in the U.S. linked to Covid are FROM Covid and how many are WITH Covid,” he said. “I’ve been encouraging this from day one as it would have changed the entire perspective on the response. Glad it’s finally happening.”

The CDC, however, is yet to clarify a distinction between Covid-related and Covid-caused deaths. The Covid response was rigged to cause maximum public alarm and to push vaccinations at all costs. Dr. Birx’s confessions support this conclusion beyond any doubt.


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