‘It Defies All Belief’: House Dems Block Measure Increasing Penalties for Child Sex Traffickers

House Democrats appear to be unconcerned about the optics of shutting down an effort to increase penalties for child sex traffickers in an election year.

On Wednesday, Democrats on the House Judiciary Committee unanimously shot down such a measure.

“A question about his amendment first,” Congressman Ken Buck (R-CO) said.  “I want to thank Mr. Roy for this common sense amendment that deals with the overall issue, as opposed to trying to piecemeal this out. And I suspect we won’t deal with the overall issue if we continue to piecemeal this out.”

“But Mr. Roy, can you think of any circumstance in which an individual induces, coerces, controls a child and forces that child into the sex trade, where that individual, that defendant, that criminal doesn’t deserve 15 years in prison?” Buck asked.Who’s your favorite former President?*TrumpObamaEmail*This poll gives you free access to our premium politics newsletter. Unsubscribe at any time.

“I cannot, no,” Congressman Chip Roy (R-NC) answered. “I can appreciate the question from the gentleman. He is, too, a former prosecutor who prosecuted for a lot longer than I did. And I appreciate his recognition of that truth.”

“I mean, as a father of two, as a former prosecutor, it defies all belief, all common sense that you would say that someone who traffics a child in the sex industry — actually puts a child into that environment for that child to be sexually abused — that that individual should not have a minimum sentence or 15 years,” he added.

“I don’t think there is a prison, a hole underneath a prison, deep enough to throw that individual in,” Buck commented.

Rep. Chip Roy produced the documents demonstrating that the House Judiciary Committee’s Democrats indeed rejected the measure.

In the wake of damaging Hunter Biden revelations that suggest he nicknamed his own presidential father “Pedo Peter,” and more videos emerging of the president Joe Biden unable to control himself, the Democrats’ refusal to hold child sex predators accountable is highly disturbing.

House Democrats recently called abortion advocates to testify and many made stunning remarks; one ‘abortion storyteller’ even appeared to accept infanticide, which is the killing of a child after it has been born.

The Democratic Party has become a party of freaks, lunatics, weirdos and monsters. This is a party that has gone far beyond destructive policies that harm the American economy. It is now seeking to rip apart society itself.


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