Professor Edward Steele: Why The “Vaccines” Don’t Work, They Can’t Work


“I’ve got to stress: this is a common cold virus, 99.9% of people get rid of it … How can a jab in the arm vaccine possibly protect you against getting infected with Covid-19? … None of the vaccines put into the arms can possibly activate that immunity.  They don’t, they just can’t work just on first principles … They know that, they know the vaccine can’t work,” Professor Edward Steele said during an interview with Asia Pacific Today in September last year.

Professor Edward J Steele is an Australian molecular and cellular immunologist, geneticist and microbiologist.  His scientific background in molecular immunology and microbiology and his expertise in dimeric secretory IgA antibodies and immunity at mucosal surfaces such as the mouth, nose, respiratory and gastrointestinal tracts qualify him to comment both on the performance of new “vaccines” for Covid-19 as well as on the origin of Covid-19.

Click on the image below to watch the video on Rumble.

Why The Vaccines Don’t Work, Professor Edward J. Steele, 20 September 2021 (7 mins)

The above is extracted from an interview titled ‘The Origins of Covid-19 and Why the Vaccines Don’t Work’.  Watch the full 54-minute interview HERE.

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By Joel Smalley

I can’t believe I missed this from nine months ago. Very much in the same style as Dr Mike Yeadon, not only talking scientific fact and logical deduction but calling out his dishonest colleagues and ignorant, corrupt politicians.

The vaccines can’t work because a jab in the arm can’t stimulate a mucosal antibody response in the nose, mouth and intestinal tract where they are needed to neutralise the virus before it can enter cells and replicate. This is the path to natural immunity.

He knows it so his colleagues know it. Even laymen like me have known this for over a year so why are scientists still pushing this and why are politicians still going along with it?

There is much evidence that these “vaccines” are very dangerous. And they don’t work! They can’t work and they haven’t worked.

Oh, and lockdowns, social distancing and masks don’t work either.

50 years in the business. He’ll take anyone on.

If the alternative explanations could have been shared publicly instead of censored, the population could have been educated but “the propaganda, the lies and misrepresentation are on such a scale” that it’s too late now.

We are not alone in this analysis. All the evidence is there. The truth will eventually come out. You can’t cheat the universe.


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