Battling the Bio-Pharmaceutical Complex With Dr. Peter McCullough

july 7 2022

Dr. Thomas explained that he’s dealt with vaccine side effects as a pediatrician and started witnessing the industry’s harm two decades ago.

He asks Peter, “You hadn’t been, I don’t think in your typical world, having to worry about that, and then all of a sudden, you try to do the right thing and what have you experienced and how have you handled that as somebody who was so at the top of your field?”

Dr. McCullough responds, “I could tell you through the course of my career, my personal life, I never questioned vaccines. I assumed they were safe and effective; it wasn’t my area of research.

And when I was asked to support a vaccine, like the 13-valent pneumococcal vaccine in adult medicine, I did so. Or when I was asked to take the influenza vaccine, I did so, but since all of this has happened, Paul, I’ve actually called to question even those vaccines.

And on my Twitter feed, @P_McCulloughMD, I just present the data, the publications. The vaccine efficacy for the 13-valent pneumococcal vaccine, in terms of protection against hospitalization and death, is 9%, Paul. Nine!”

Chuckling at the figure, Dr. Thomas states, “I am not surprised by that. The strains have changed anyway.”

Well, actually, as explained by Dr. McCullough, “That’s even through the period of time when it should have covered.”

He then moves on to the less-than-desirable results of the flu vaccine.

“The vaccine efficacy for this year’s influenza vaccine, which I took last year, 16%, Paul.”

Abysmal results. Now, what is the conventional standard for calling something a vaccine? Dr. McCullough breaks it down.

“Standard conventional acceptance criteria, something that would be acceptable that you would actually consider [recommending or taking], would be at least 50% vaccine efficacy and should last at least a year.

So these are nowhere close to being acceptable products in modern medicine. And those are just two that people would consider uncontroversial, but you know, what? Doctors’ lives and our knowledge and our analyses of things change as the science changes, and based on those contemporary results, I’m dropping them! They’re no longer supportable to me, for my practice for myself.”

Great to see Dr. McCullough coming around to this issue.



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