President of Brazil says Covid infection gives natural immunity and renders injection redundant – and reveals chilling FDA warning

News Uncut

Jul 4 2022

By Oliver May

SEVERAL side effects from the Covid jab are “likely to emerge this year or next year” according to the President of Brazil Jair Bolsonaro.

He also said that the jab is “innocuous” for anyone who has already contracted the virus and added the countless lives could have been saved with the use of early treatment.

Speaking during an interview with Fox News presenter Tucker Carlson, Bolsonaro, who revealed that he had not taken a Covid jab, said: “For someone who contracts the virus, the vaccine doesn’t really help. You don’t take a vaccine if you have already been contaminated. The vaccine would be innocuous. You should rather take the medication. 

“In Brazil, I studied the issue and I called other countries, including sub-Saharan Africa and Brazilian doctors and physicians because there were people out there who either did not catch the virus, or when they did catch the virus, it wasn’t strong enough to send them to the hospital or kill them. 

“In Brazil we saw the emergence of two medications which began to be used widely. I myself took one of them. But the global pressure all over the world from the media outlets, from the pharmaceutical companies, they were all against the early treatments – they focused on the vaccine.

“I read Pfizer’s contract and one of the clauses said we [Pfizer] shall take no responsibility whatsoever from any side effect arising from the vaccine.

“I become concerned about that  and Congress in Brazil decided to vote and pass a piece of legislation saying that Pfizer, or any other pharmaceutical company would not take responsibility for any side effect arising from the vaccine.

“We also had information, including from the US FDA [Food and Drug Administration], that several side effects are likely to emerge this year or next year.

“So the concern, as mentioned by many doctors, was that people who were infected by the virus were already immune and did not have to take the vaccine. And that was my case. That’s why I did not take the vaccine.

“But I believe many deaths could have been avoided with the use of early treatment.”


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