Politicizing medicine: FBI/DOJ/Court jail Dr Simone Gold for trespass

Posted by Eliyahu Tulshinski

Thu, Jun 16, 2022

Judge weighed lack of remorse for deaths that didn’t happen

Politicizing medicine: FBI/DOJ/Court jail Dr Simone Gold for trespass

Last month, an Ohio man was sentenced by a federal judge to 60 days in prison after he had to be restrained in his airplane seat with tape, during a flight in which he was, 

drinking alcohol … came out of the bathroom without his shirt on … groped the breasts of multiple flight attendants and then punched a male attendant in the face …

[He] had pleaded guilty to three counts of assault and faced up to 18 months in prison. [Emphases added].

Medical speech treated like sexual assault

Today, Dr. Simone Gold, an early opponent of lockdowns and the mandating of experimental vaccines on pregnant women and others, received the same 60-day sentence as the airplane sex offender, in addition to 12 months of supervised release and a $9,500 fine. 

Not violent, not even aggressive

In Dr. Gold’s case, the charge was not sexual assault or any other kind of violence. The FBI and prosecutors combed through vast footage, much of which has not been shared with Dr. Gold and other January 6th defendants, but failed to find even one instance of aggressive behavior by Dr. Gold, let alone violence or vandalism. That concords with Dr. Gold’s non-aggressive life devoted to the service of her patients.

When Dr. Gold was asked by police to move, she did so, immediately. When they asked her to leave the building, she did so, immediately. She then expressed regret at mistakenly entering a restricted area.

The charge against Dr. Gold was therefore limited to one misdemeanor count of 

entering and remaining in a restricted building or grounds

In other words, trespass.

Invited speaker

Dr. Gold, like many January 6th defendants, was not even aware that she was in a restricted area. Police officers waved protestors in or stood by open doors. 

Dr. Gold, as an invited guest speaker that day on health freedom (that was the doctor’s role that day and the sole reason she traveled to the Capitol) walked through open doors. There is extensive video surveillance of the doctor and her security guard, John Strand, (who has also been charged) walking calmly between the ropes and then of Dr. Gold giving a medical speech.

New norm?

Is there anyone who would have predicted jail time for a doctor accidentally giving a medical speech in a restricted area in normal pre-2020 life?

Lest one get the idea that trespass in the Capitol was always treated more harshly than trespass elsewhere, consider the 210 protestors charged with felony rioting during the 2017 inauguration, injuring six police officers and causing more than $100,000 in damage.

Charges dropped, rioters paid

Other than one 4-month sentence for a felony charge of assaulting a police officer, not one inauguration rioter was sentenced to even one day of jail, despite their violence. 20 were placed on probation and the rest saw their charges dropped, with the government paying the defendants $1.6 million for having detained them! Really

Not like the others

No one should be prosecuted for their political views. But unlike the vast majority of January 6th protestors, Dr. Gold was not even there for political reasons. As Mother Jones reported,

For most of her life, Gold doesn’t seem to have been politically active. She donated $1,000 to the campaign of Sen. Susan Collins (R-ME) in 2019, but before that, the only other federal candidate to whom she gave money was a Democrat—California Rep. Raul Ruiz—in 2011.

Supported individuals from both parties

“I have never considered myself a political person. I’ve supported both parties at various times in my life,” she says in her book. “I’d fall in the middle of any partisan test. I don’t believe in the right-left distinction…That’s the trouble with being in the middle of the road. Sometimes you get run over.”

Better health through health freedom

What Dr. Gold has always focused on is public health and she believes that health freedom is key to promoting good health. Without that freedom, individuals’ personal health can be damaged by vaccine mandates and lockdowns that have a deleterious effect on them as individuals, such as individuals in apartment buildings who need fresh air or a visit to a gym or basketball court.

Health freedom is right wing?

Keeping to her apolitical role, at the Capitol the doctor spoke mainly about lockdowns, which killed hundreds of thousands and hurt millions more. An article about a letter she initiated, “600 Physicians Say Lockdowns are a Mass Casualty Incident” was very widely read and led the media to label her as political, on the Right. But everything Dr. Gold did was with grassroots support from other doctors. To her, as in her earlier life, she was not being political. 


Fast forward two years and now most unbiased researchers agree lockdowns were harmful and wrong. For example, in February 2022, a definitive meta-analysis by Johns Hopkins University stated, 

The use of lockdowns is a unique feature of the COVID-19 pandemic. Lockdowns have not been used to such a large extent during any of the pandemics of the past century. However, lockdowns during the initial phase of the COVID-19 pandemic have had devastating effects. They have contributed to reducing economic activity, raising unemployment, reducing schooling, causing political unrest, contributing to domestic violence, and undermining liberal democracy. 

These costs to society must be compared to the benefits of lockdowns, which our meta-analysis has shown are marginal at best. Such a standard benefit-cost calculation leads to a strong conclusion: lockdowns should be rejected out of hand as a pandemic policy instrument. (Emphases added, p. 43).

Similarly, Dr. Gold was vindicated when research revealed that it appears that “COVID vaccines are causing more death than they save.”

Not political afterall, except to the government

These vindicating studies show what Dr. Gold said all along, neither political party should advocate for stay at home or vaccination orders – it was never political. So why did 21 well armed FBI break down the front door of Dr. Gold, a single mother, 

remove [her] from home, shackled and prohibited from taking any belongings, not even a purse, [while] her phone and computer were removed as evidence? 

Apparently, to the FBI medical health is a political issue when mandates and lockdowns are challenged on a scientific basis.

Sentenced for not having remorse for something that didn’t happen?

Apparently the FBI is not alone as a government actor politicizing medicine. Judge Christopher Cooper, who served on the Obama/Biden transition team and as an advisor for the Obama administration before being appointed as judge by Obama, included the actions of political activists on January 6th when he sentenced Dr. Gold to prison:

What I haven’t heard is about the five people who died that day. The four people who committed suicide because of the trauma they suffered that day because of the mob. [Emphasis added].

In holding Dr. Gold accountable for what he claims other protestors did, he joined the FBI and DOJ in making this prosecution (and sentencing) political. Even worse, he was publicly admitting to sentencing Dr. Gold based on her failure to show remorse for those five deaths – five deaths that didn’t happen, as The Western Journal reported in March.

This claim that the pro-Trump protesters on Jan. 6 went on to “kill five cops” is 100 percent fiction. In truth, not a single police officer died that day. Even left-wing PolitiFact had to admit that no police officers died during the events of Jan. 6. Only one officer died in the immediate aftermath of the protest, and that was Capitol Police officer Brian Sicknick, who died of natural causes one day after the protests ended. The best that left-wingers can do to claim that Sicknick was a “victim” of the protests is to claim that the stress of the protests “contributed” to the strokes that took his life. But even that is conjecture, not medical fact.

The other four officers who died — long after the protest ended — all died from suicide. Not a single officer died during the protests and none died as a direct action of any protester. [Emphases added].

But there were deaths on the day of the protest, of two unarmed women – protestors killed by police officers. Judge Cooper did not think that all police should be judged for what those officers did. In fact, he did not mention being concerned that the police officers who themselves killed those two women have not been charged.

AFLDS press release

Please see the official AFLDS press release on Dr. Gold’s sentencing as well as the previous articles in our series on the politicization of the police: 



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