Prediction: Proxy Dialectical Wars are Coming


“Anti-trans”. “Antisemitic”. “Racist”. All of these allegations are coming. All of them are false.

Prediction: Proxy Dialectical Wars are Coming

Important voices across the US and around the world are being set up to be painted as bigots, portrayed as guilty of hate speech.

Recent events tell me that the corporate oligarchy is about to launch a major smear campaign to defame these voices. It’s really their only last move: it is their swan song.

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By James Lyons-Weiler

Before the noise comes, know this:

I stand for free speech on all topics in all forums. Period. Those who participate in hate speech show themselves by their speech. Silencing people with false allegations makes the world a more dangerous place because it cheapens the allegations.

People from all walks of life except mass murderers, rapists and paedophiles (and similar) have something to contribute to the discourse. The range of human sentiment can be known and course-corrected via communication based on integrity and our best objective understanding of truth. Rational discourse. Comparison of ideals. Comparison of values. Learning together.

But let me introduce to you a new concept: Proxy dialectical wars. Attacks meant to alienate and silence dissidents who prefer reality-based science, reality-based medicine, reality-based public health policies & practices, and reality-based education are coming. Proxy dialectical wars distract from the main offence (the maiming and killing of people via immune manipulations) with other topics. Note that the added benefit of changing the topic is the alienation and silencing of the messengers.

They will also be conducted in a way in which the accused will be denied any chance to know the accuser(s) and the accused will be thwarted in attempts to defend themselves. The accused will have to sue for libel and slander, so if you care about free speech and defending the reputation of those who will be assaulted, be prepared to help fund their defence.

I don’t speak for every person who speaks out about the risks of pharmaceutical products. But as far as I can tell, and on the record, and let me be clear: those involved in informing the public on the reality of pharma risks are equally concerned about the health of all people across the globe, regardless of race, religion, creed, colour, sexual orientation, level of education, biological sex (karyotype), or preferred pronouns.

More on all of this as soon as the libel and slander take off. We cannot allow those who benefit most from our isolation to continue to drive us apart.

About the Author

James Lyons-Weiler is an American scientist, human rights advocate and CEO of the non-profit Institute for Pure and Applied Knowledge (“IPAK”).  He has also authored three books: ‘Ebola: An Evolving Story’, ‘Cures vs. Profits: Success Stories in Translational Research’, and ‘The Environmental and Genetic Causes of Autism’.


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