Hospitals must shed their addiction to Covid measures

… and we must start building new and better systems of healthcare

Dr Tess Lawrie, MBBCh, PhD​

Jun 9 2022

I want to start off with a heartfelt thank you for all your support, both moral and material. It means so much to be able to connect with you here on Substack and I really appreciate you reading and sharing. All financial contributions go directly into continuing the work of our community interest company, EbMC Squared, which includes the World Council for Health and BiRD International (British Ivermectin Recommendation Development). There is so much work to be done to create a better way and your support gives us the fuel to keep going and do more.

This Sunday I have a wonderful guest joining me for Tess Talks. Dr Liz Evans is Co-founder and Director of the UK Medical Freedom Alliance, a member of Health Advisory and Recovery Team (HART) and also of the Children’s Health Defence Europe Advisory Board.  She trained as a GP in the UK and for the last twelve years, she has worked as a complementary medicine practitioner. She’s a campaigner, a health activist and a brilliant warrior for the truth.

She raised an important issue in our conversation: namely, the current reluctance within the UK’s National Health Service (NHS) to ditch Covid-19 policies and return to business as usual. The UK Medical Freedom Alliance is now campaigning for all healthcare settings – from hospitals and surgeries to dentist waiting rooms and opticians – to drop mask requirements, hand sanitizing, distancing and so on. It is concerning that even though government no longer requires these settings to continue these inhumane policies, many seem loath to leave them behind.

Liz talks about the fall-out from these policies and as you can imagine, it is damning. Her insights drove home to me just how much we need to rethink how we care for the ill and the vulnerable, both within institutions such as hospitals and care homes, and within communities. People are terrified to visit their doctor or go to hospital, but right now there is little alternative for most.

I and many others have been reflecting on this a great deal, and we are working hard to create the beginnings of a new alternative, a better way. This is a work in progress but it is clear to me that we need to return to local community engagement, where we take care of one another, while also taking responsibility for ourselves and our own health. This is really about love: love for each other and for ourselves, which is the bedrock of good health.

We also need to integrate all healthcare modalities and not just western medicine: there are many established and effective forms of therapy that focus on maintaining and building health, not just treating disease. Rather than being passive recipients of healthcare, we can be active participants in our own well-being. It’s common sense, which just goes to show how nonsensical the current system has become.

Clearly, we cannot do without the NHS just yet, but what we can do is entreat NHS trusts to drop their restrictions and recognise that fear-based measures are toxic, dehumanising and the antithesis of healthcare. Liz has some practical ideas and resources on this, which she shares in our conversation. I appreciate not everyone who reads this Substack is from the UK, but the issues Liz raises are universal. I hope you will join me this Sunday to find out more.


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